game dev

  1. Donny

    RMMV Heroic Fantasy RPG

    I'm making my first RM game. I'm really excited because it incorporates all my various creative interests in one place: character design, world building, illustration, game development and music. I've made a few games in Unity (and published one to Google play) but I don't think I'm that kind of...
  2. Vance Raehart

    Dream Game Dev Partner

    i know i said this in a status post, but i think it'd be fun to post this My dream game dev partner would be a cute female around my age of 26(does not have to look hot). someone that likes true rpgs(kingdom come, wizardry, morrowind, etc.), fantasy life sims(rune factory, harvest moon, animal...

    I can't export to HTML

    Everytime I try to play my game in HTML format, this error appears did someone know how to fix it?
  4. Sampai

    Subtracting Gold via Step Counter

    Hi there! I am a Game Development student who is currently making a game for an assignment. I was wondering if anyone knew how to subtract gold when a character takes a step?
  5. pEcOsGhOsT

    Ludum Dare + RPG Maker

    First of all I hope I posted this in the right place and/or hope I'm not reposting something someone else has already discussed (Please let me know if that is the case but anyway!) I've been a big fan of the Ludum Dare game dev comp for several years now (for those of you that don't know it is...
  6. tabzeethecat

    RPG Horror Plot Ideas

    So I have really been getting into horror rpgs and I really want to make one. But. I'm stuck on ideas. Aaaah. Can someone give me some inspiration? Or ideas of getting some inspiration?  I've been really into games like Ib, Divinity Fatum, Corpse Party, Mad Father, Misao, and a few others...
  7. Rayter

    Help out a Beginner? In Need of Advice!

    Hello everyone! I want to make a short game on RPG maker VX ACE, but I don't want to use the defaults; I wish to create my own. I want to ask about few other things on the topic as well... What can I use to make character pictures like this? Same for monsters? (doesn't have to be high...
  8. Volty

    Need music

    So i was wondering if there was any way i could make music or get music. Any answer would be helpful! :)
  9. NarikoStudios

    My New Office

    Hey Everyone I just got a office and decorated it and wanted to know what you all thought? It's in my Nisekoi room as I have so many Nisekoi items I have a room full of them and so I put my office in there to keep motivated by my waifu Also surrounded my office with Fairy Tail and SAO which...
  10. Seriel

    Unofficial IGMC 2015 Topic!

    Sorry if this is in wrong plae, there isn't an IGMC 2015 Forum :P So this is the place to discuss everything about the IGMC this year, from "Should I compete?" to "Here's my plan." Have fun, and happy IGMC! :)
  11. Simon D. Aelsi

    Iron Croc's Domain (LiveStream Center) - UNDER CONTRUCTION

    Welcome to Iron Croc's Domain.   ((TBE))
  12. dragon1up

    Tales of , the story of a new journey

    Hello fellow RPG + fans of the wonderful  soft we all have access to. Do note this is my first ever time posting something on the forums. What I'll be ideally talking about with you guys is my own game, posting relevant content in regards to it. As well as links to the fb page, and the youtube...

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