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  1. RMMV Devils Dungeon: Development and Idea Threat

    Purpose of this thread: Gathering ideas, plugins and other stuff. About the game: A completely FREE Dungeon Crawler with 100 floors with Rpg Maker MV. Why free? I simply find it most battle systems of RPG maker games horrendous when it comes to complexity, variety as well as tactics. They are...
  2. mrbeardretrotv

    Is there something that can show me.....

    Is there a tutorial that can show me how to change a tile (ex. a book closed) to another tile (ex. a book opened)? Maybe I'm just missing it and it's right in front of my nose? I tried to google it and see if I can find something, but I've had no luck. Or maybe I'm just looking for the wrong thing?
  3. Canini

    Non RPG-maker games

    In short, share some game projects that are not done in RPG-maker. It would also be great to share your thought about the engine used! Alex and Adva is a point and click game made with the visionaire engine.The game is about a jackalope couple that acts as guardians of the...

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