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  1. Black Pagan

    Planning your Game Making Schedule

    Can someone who has actually made a finished Game (A Casual Game) in any of the RPG Makers within 3 months, tell me your Game Making Schedule. Like, I have a rough idea regarding what order i need to approach Game Making sessions but I keep getting lost on how much time i should dedicate on each...
  2. Level 1 Quintillion Sourcesoulroar Joins In

    Greetings, gamers and game makers, my name is Zanckst, and I'm an aspiring game developer, songwriter and songcomposer, singer, guitarist, chef and martial artist. I'm content to be here, and glad to be making your acquaintance. I'm not exactly new to RPG Maker, but I'm still learning the ropes...
  3. AmieLK

    Puzzles and how you test them!

    Hi guys! I'm creating a puzzle heavy battle-free game because that's something I've personally always liked. But my spouse brought up an interesting point that has me thinking! Puzzle games aren't for everyone, and sometimes button mashers or even battle-based levelling games can be simple...
  4. Studio Blue

    DLC Not Included (Game Development Podcast)

    Hello everyone! Allow us to introduce Studio Blue's Game Development Podcast, "DLC Not Included". We created this podcast to further expand upon game development topics we come across while critiquing (doing Let's Plays of) various indie games. Our goal is to release a new podcast every Monday...
  5. Kitsunekko

    RMMV I'll Give You A Gift [In-Progress Prototype]

    Introduction This is the first RPG Maker game I'm committing to actually trying to complete. I'm currently making the prototype in RPG Maker MV but I might switch it over to ACE depending on if certain mechanics are more readily available for ACE rather than MV. The Premise Set in a fantasy...
  6. AnorexicPowerRanger

    Before buying RMMV, I have a question regarding some in-game content.

    Hello, there. This is my first time posting here. I've been following RPG Maker MV for a while and I plan on buying it later this year. Before going further, I have to tell my backstory, as it relates to the question I have. Around the ending of 2014 to beginning of 2015, just a few months...
  7. Sampai

    Applying Debuff after Day/Night cycle

    Hello o/ I am using this Global Time common event for my Day/Night cycle. I have Variables and Switches for the fire place in my game which can dim down and go out if you don't keep fueling it. I was wondering if anyone would know how to go about applying a debuff to my characters once the...
  8. Sampai

    Subtracting Gold via Step Counter

    Hi there! I am a Game Development student who is currently making a game for an assignment. I was wondering if anyone knew how to subtract gold when a character takes a step?
  9. Broken_squirrel

    Found a site for original resources.

    It costs money but I've been dipping my feet in the waters of a site called Fiverr. I hired a concept artist to make up for my inability to draw...anything. I'm waiting for the art to come back and I 'm excited to see how it turns out. It's not super spendy though. $5-15 bucks typically. I'm...
  10. Churro

    Need your help/advice - Problem in progress and focus

    Perhaps other of you had the same problem before and could give me some advice how to overcome it :wub! My head is full of ideas and they look all great in my imagination (my game really lives in my head :popcorn:)! But when i am sitting in front of my computer and Rpg Maker MV i am kinda only...
  11. Lonewulf123

    Writing Tools for Game Design and Development?

    Can anyone recommend some good (and maybe free and open source) tools for writing video game scenes and dialogue? I've been looking for some tools to help write the story of my game. Particularly, ones that have a little more "oomph" than your basic word processor. Like the ability to support...
  12. Kino

    Creating An Integrated Developer

    Often times, a lot of engines come integrated with their programming language to accomplish specific goals for a game. And with that, they usually create a scripting API to accomplish those tasks. In a sense, we have a scripting API and can create our own API on top of the default engine code...
  13. Jomy10

    Balanced classes

    Hey everyone, I'm making a game and I want to balance out my classes, but I have no clue on how to do it. Is there a list somewhere of pre-made classes? Or does anyone have a technique to do this? Thanks in advance, Jonas
  14. How to go About Working on a Team

    This is a topic that has been in my mind for a while but I wasn't able to figure out a way to express it before. I want to eventually work with a team to make games. I figure the best way to go about this would be to make some games on my own and build up a portfolio to showcase the types of...
  15. A Question About Development

    This is a question that I've had about game development for a while. Which should come first: the story or the mechanics? With the ideas that I've had lately I've had a hard time coming up with a story to match game mechanics and vice versa. I was just wondering if there is a valid reason to...
  16. Rudrabhoj Bhati

    Provision of encrypted music in the web games

    I bought the Humble Game Making Bundle. The licence agreement makes it mandatory to encrypt the audio files:   I am using three audio resources from the 'Town & Village Music Pack' and one from the 'JSM Romance & Sci Fi'. I am developing for HTML5, using phaser. The problem is mandatory...
  17. Donutdude

    High Fantasy Resources with ABS

    Good afternoon, For my game that I am developing, I would like to use High Fantasy sprites with an Active Battle System. Meaning that the sprites are on the map and utilizing their weapons in real time to defeat enemies also on the map. My question then is which battle system would be easiest...
  18. Vox Novus

    Books for Game Development

    I haven't really seen a topic like this so I thought it was worth bringing up especially with so many people coming to this site to start their journey into game development thanks to RPG Maker! I've noticed in browsing Amazon as well as looking in book stores you see a lot of books that can...
  19. Alkorri

    Reason for Cutscene Freezing?

    Hi there, everyone. I have a problem that I hope more experienced folks can help me figure out. In my game, Tinkles Must Die, I have this Player Touch event that triggers the final boss battle. After the battle, roughly one out of 10 times during playing/playtesting, the post-battle cutscene...
  20. GrandmaDeb

    General RPG Making Generators, Inspiration and   Various generators and hints for RPG Making inspiration.   Rather an impressive boatload of stuff.   Includes:  Generator World Maps  Fantastic Names Generator  Generator Quests and NPCs  Generator Adventures  Generator Caves/Dungeons (WITH MAPS AND PUZZLES) ...

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