game engine

  1. XenoAmess

    Some legal problem about supporting data format in RPG Maker MV

    I used to enjoy RMMV(I bought it on steam,full prize), but I found out that I my wish to make a game engine is bigger than making a game... (also, I HATE JAVESCRIPT!) So I'm making my own game engine no. And RPG Maker series are so good that I can't help to have a thought to support some data...
  2. Tigersong

    Farming game engines?

    Does anyone know of a commercially-available engine for making Harvest Moon-type games? I'm asking because it seems like a better way than trying to adapt something made for combat-based games. (If the mods want to move this thread, that's fine.)
  3. Malkav

    Survey about Game Preference

    Dear all! Right at the moment, I am writing an essay about game engines/game creators (inkl. RPG Maker) and desperately look for participants for the related survey. It only contains 10 questions and the topic is all about favourite game genres. I would be very greatful, if you can find some...

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