game files

  1. BurgerMasterMan

    "Unable to read file Game.rpgproject"

    I apologize foe posting on the forums so much but I believe this may be the end of it if there isn't a fix to this. Last night, I was working on my game and everything was fine. I close it out like normal and open it the next day only only for the game to not be able to read my "game" file...
  2. Undead Cat

    Zip Files

    I've been wanting to post my game but I've compressed the data into a zip file and loaded one version with RTP and one without onto Dropbox.  Is it okay to do that or are zip files not the way to go?  I see a lot of game files that are 200 MB or more which makes for a long download so I thought...
  3. oldbone

    What files get updated in a compressed/encrypted archive?

    Actions: I decide to "Compress Game Data" to make a distributable copy of my game. I choose the options: "Create Encrypted Archive" and "Include RTP Data".  Scenario: After the archive is created, what is necessary (what files?) for people to download based upon changes I made in the game from...

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