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  1. Changing game icon on Mac

    Hi everyone! I've looked into this topic a whole lot, and no threads from the past seem to have come to a definitive conclusion. Changing the game icon for Windows is super easy- you just change the icon file in the games resources. However, this does absolutely nothing when running the game on...
  2. NekoDev

    Change Game Icon Plugin

    Hello Does anybody know is there an plugin that changes game icon? I know there are programs for changing icons but i would like to use plugin instead of program. Thanks for replies!
  3. Lakaroth

    Change Deployment Os X App game icon

    There's a way to change the deployment icon in Os X? In content > Resources i have find: nw.icns I have try to change it, but nothing happened. EDIT: I have find a solution: If someone need, go to: ▸ steamapps ▸ common ▸ RPG Maker MV ▸ RPG Maker ▸ Contents ▸ MacOS ▸...
  4. Chester

    Can we change the MV game Icon?

    Hi, Are we able to change the MV game Icon without the help of another software or etc outside of MV?

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