game jam contest

  1. Ailius

    RMMV Elsbeth's Small World [No Travel Game Jam Entry]

    Content Warning: Implied Adult Activities This latest adventure ended in disaster for Elsbeth's party. The bard had attempted to seduce the orc tribe's leader and was killed for it. The rogue stole all the parties' loot in the early morning and skipped town. And the cleric decided the bard...
  2. Lilly

    FREE [Gamejam] - Fantasy Life

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis In a world filled with mysterious monsters and ancient tales, there lies organizations built solely to protect the peace of the world, with an evil power looming closer to this land , it’s up to an enthusiastic boy and a stubborn girl to stop it! Teho, Everybody~...
  3. Aurélien

    RPG Maker Jam 3 · July 20th to 23rd

    The RPG Maker Jam is a jam where, in 72 hours (from Friday to Monday) you must create a game on RPG Maker, solo or in a team, and under a theme or a constraint revealed at the start! Whether you just got RPG Maker or are more experienced, it's an opportunity to have the satisfaction of...
  4. OnslaughtSupply

    RMMV Dragon Crystal X - Driftwood Gaming's 5-Min Game Jam Entry

  5. Aurélien

    RPG Maker Jam: Make a game with RTP in a weekend!

    Hello there, I'd like to present a new event we're hosting that will take place this week-end! Please note that this is not an official RM event, we are simply users willing to gather together and have fun. I had permission from Moderators to advertise this. RPG Maker is a great program, but...
  6. Studio Blue

    Hosting a Game Jam Contest

    Hey everyone, Steel and Teal with Studio Blue here. Since we've reached 100 subscribers, we've decided to host a Game Jam Contest next week. This is an RPG Maker contest open to everyone. We have a few rules we'd like to go over, so please listen up. We also posted a short video going over the...

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