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  1. ZodiacStories Game Jam~

    Howdy, I'm hosting a little game jam over on It's just a fun little thing, with no ranking or judging, just a chance to explore your imagination. It will go from Jan. 19th to March 31st~ The twist is that all the assets: sprites/tileset/music have to be from the default RPG Maker pack...
  2. Tea++

    3rd Quarter Annual Driftwood Gaming Jam

    Come an join the fun! Make a game in 30 days using one of the four public chosen themes. Detective Hidden Dimensions Zoo/Wildlife Isekai See all of the details/rules and enter here:
  3. Thund

    RMMZ Quisk! (Touch the Stars Game Jam)

    I'm a bit late but I want to share Quisk!, a puzzle-platformer adventure game with squirrels and mysteries! Explore this wonderful world in which you play as Quisk, a nimble squirrel greedy for acorns! It all started one night when his friend Ronk woke him up to share some unexpected news...
  4. Archeia

    RMN Game Jam: Commonplace Book

    Description The old clock on the wall turned to 3:33am. Punctual as ever, the noises started once more. Every night of the last week had been the same. As soon as the time came, strange sounds could be heard somewhere in the depths of the cellar below your house. Every night you would gather...
  5. Tea++

    Quarter Annual DG Jam v1

    Quarter Annual DG Jam v1 Come and join us for the first ever quarter annual DG Jam! This is a reoccurring community driven jam. You choose the themes, the winner, "King of the Jam" is decided by the participants and the "Peoples Champ" is decided by you! Please see the itch page linked below...
  6. AkraticHuman

    Enter the Haroldverse Game Jam!

    Creation of Harold by Nowis_337 The RPG Maker Beta Testers Discord community presents the Enter the Haroldverse game jam! Starting July 27th, impart the spark of life into your own Harold! Conveniently timed after the Touch the Stars jam, our contest invites you to celebrate MV's longstanding...
  7. snoqie

    FREE REQUEST [Touch the Stars] Looking for 2nd Programmer (Parallax Mapping)!

    Hello! I'm Snoqie. I'm new to the forums, but was introduced to RPG Maker through the "Touch the Stars Game Jam" that I found on Although I have never made a game using this engine, I would love to try making one! :kaoluv: About Me I am a hobby artist from Korea, who doesn't...
  8. Starmage

    RMMZ Perceiving Shapes (Horror)

    Features: - Fully Voiced Dialogues - Immersive Horror Atmosphere Credits:
  9. Bit By Bit Sound

    Bert's Music

    Hey everyone, thought I would start a thread to share some of the music I've done over the years. Here is a nice little mish mash playlist just to kick things off. I'll update this thread here and there as I have tons more stuff to share. Let me know whatchu guys think. Enjoy!
  10. Cythera

    RMMV Gates of Trinity

    Gates of Trinity I made this game for the 5th Driftwood Game Jam, and finally decided to post it here as well! The game jam challenged people to make a 5-30 minute game using only RTP resources and plugins, provided the plugins required no additional resources to function. I had a lot of fun...
  11. Kentaro_

    RMMV Mahou Shoujo: Between the World

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Horror*, Yuri , RPG , Sc Fi Introduction: Note: English is not my Native Language, sorry for some spelling issues. I would like to present my project for the J-Horror Jam I'm currently working on the project. "Mahou Shoujo: Between...
  12. Tea++

    Creative Cutscene Contest

    ***SORRY FOR THE BELATED ANNOUNCEMENT HERE*** Creative Cutscene Contest Come join us for a fun little game jam, where you can show off a cutscene of your making. Check out the link and video below for more details and to sign up! Enjoy!
  13. VitaliaDi

    RMMV Meri's Merry Dinner Party

    Meri's Merry Dinner Party Help Meri make a delicious dinner for her monster friends. Don't mess up, or Meri will be so sad. She's been waiting for this dinner party for a long time, don't let her hard work go to waste. I made this in a week for the Weekly Game Jam. Week 95's theme was "Bad...
  14. Side_Group

    RMMV The Farm You Grew Up On

    Hello! Over the last week I participated in the Game Off 2018 game jam hosted by GitHub. I've worked on a number of game jams over the years in AGS, Unity, Ren'Py, etc, but NEVER got around to learning RPG Maker- until now. Learning it was an absolute pleasure and these forums were filled with...
  15. l8rose

    RMMV River Lord [IGMC 2018]

    River Lord on River Lord is a Fantasy RPG set on a chain of islands. Take on the role of Koi, a young orphan on the cup of adulthood, as they discover secrets of their past and journey into an uncertain future. Starting out, they are accompanied by a set of twins but their party may...
  16. HawkZombie

    HawkZombie's Halloween Birthday Game Jam!

    This post has been approved by the Moderators. This post, and the Game Jam itself, is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, Degcia in any way, shape or form. It's my birthday, but YOU can get the gifts! I've been streaming fairly consistently since March, and what I stream has been chiefly...
  17. Aurélien

    RPG Maker Jam 3 · July 20th to 23rd

    The RPG Maker Jam is a jam where, in 72 hours (from Friday to Monday) you must create a game on RPG Maker, solo or in a team, and under a theme or a constraint revealed at the start! Whether you just got RPG Maker or are more experienced, it's an opportunity to have the satisfaction of...
  18. Sampai

    Applying Debuff after Day/Night cycle

    Hello o/ I am using this Global Time common event for my Day/Night cycle. I have Variables and Switches for the fire place in my game which can dim down and go out if you don't keep fueling it. I was wondering if anyone would know how to go about applying a debuff to my characters once the...
  19. Sampai

    Subtracting Gold via Step Counter

    Hi there! I am a Game Development student who is currently making a game for an assignment. I was wondering if anyone knew how to subtract gold when a character takes a step?
  20. Slaughty

    RMMV Dragon Crystal X - Driftwood Gaming's 5-Min Game Jam Entry


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