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  1. Randomly Falling Boulders & Damaging Player on Impact

    Hi everyone, So I've been searching everywhere for a tutorial on how to make falling boulders on the map screen (or any falling object for that matter) that interact and damage the player, but found nothing. So I decided to tinker about for a bit, and I'm happy to say, it works perfectly! Now...
  2. yournamehere

    RMMZ Item-Based Battle System?

    Looking for a deck-building battle system where you combine items or cards as a primary form of attack. Similar to Epic Spell Wars where each turn instead of picking an attack skill you would pick an item (or multiple items) to use and those items deal attacks to monsters with various combo bonuses.
  3. RachelTheSeeker

    How Much of a Skill Resource (MP, etc) For Party Members?

    EDIT: As suggested by @TheoAllen, changed the thread name for a more accurate description. By now, I'm safe to say that I like discussing JRPG theory. Thread about the numeric scale of stats and damage, and what the roles of healers/support characters should be like, inspired this idea. How...
  4. SirGatling

    RMMV Oblivion Tales (prototype) [Update #4]

    Disclaimer: it's not shown yet but the game deals with topics relate vary slightly with sectarian and religious themes. ¡Hi! :D I want to show you the concept of a game that I'm working pretty hard on it, it's my first serious project, made it with the RTP but I have te intentions to add unique...
  5. Evertonest

    Bard Class - How to activate and deactivate skills?

    Hi! I have a Bard class, and I am having trouble implementing a game mechanic related to activating and deactivating certain skills during battle. The bard has two skill types: "VERSE" and "CHORUS". CHORUS skills are basically stronger versions of VERSE skills, but can only be used when a...
  6. LiltigationJackson

    Noob needs help moving npc's from one location to the next after battle

    OK, so I am very new, and I've spent about 70 hours doing basic stuff with RPG Maker MV. I want to try my hand at a short comedic game where you play as a powerful demon that can't seem to kill anyone, so when she defeats an enemy, they just get placed in her dungeon. The dungeons start filling...
  7. Finmide

    RMMV Event that interacts with terrax lighting system?

    I am trying to make a story driven game with elements of horror, and the main monster I want it to chase after you when you are in the darkness but I want it to not go into well lit spots on the maps. I am using Terrax dynamic lighting system and I am curious if anyone had an idea how to make...
  8. Roseredpinball

    How to make a profile menu?

    I'm not sure how else to describe it. I want to make a profile menu, similar to the one in Ace Attorney games, where you can look at profiles of various people you've encountered and see images/descriptions of them. It's for a detective game I'm working on. Is there a script for this or some way...
  9. void_of_the_mind

    Unique Ailment

    I am attempting to create an enemy-only ailment that causes the afflicted to suffer 25% of all the damage dealt to the caster. Essentially I want it to have the effect that while damaging this foe you will also harm the afflicted teammates. I can't seem to figure out how to go about with this...
  10. Use of a Second Language in Game

    G'day All, I am very new to RPG Maker, but am really impressed with what I have seen. I am interested in using a second language within a game and am wondering if it is possible. I would love any of your thoughts and feedback on the idea. I want to caveate that I don't know what I am talking...
  11. Kitsunekko

    Permadeath? Should it be done?

    I've had an idea for the past couple of days, but I'm unsure whether or not it'd seem 'fun' or 'fair' to the player character. The idea is basically this: When you first die (I'm unsure if it should be scripted or not), you'll encounter yourself in a horror setting where you have to escape from...
  12. Yitzi Litt

    How could I represent "relaxation" as a game mechanic?

    The title says it all, I think :) How would you go about making a game mechanic that represents the feeling of relaxing? Celeste had the player "blow" on a feather to keep it aloft, but I didn't find that particularly effective for me. I find "bejeweled"-type games relaxing to play, but they...
  13. Arial_Wicklund

    Don't Starve - Insanity Mechanics in a Horror RPG

    I am starting the process of learning how to make a Horror RPG using RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. I have never made a game before, nor have I learned scripting, but I am willing to learn in order to make this particular game. I am making this game for myself more than anything and haven't decided if I...
  14. Jonforum

    mindMap or brainstorm of rmmv ?

    hi, anybody have a current mindMap example for help me build the current structure of rmmv ? Am starting , and i just realise it will be a hard work, if anybody have a starting example. thank mindMap example:
  15. BottleCapGames

    How Many Bosses?

    Okay, so I'm obsessed. With making bosses.:kaoluv: However, for the sake of length in a game, how many bosses do you think is enough? My game has a crazy amount of chapters, so could I put one for every chapter? However, most bosses aren't too long. (P.S: I'm developing a tactics game.)
  16. Sir-Drass

    Adapting game mechanics across systems and generations

    So I've been kicking around the idea of doing a legend of the dragoon de-make in rpgmaker, mostly just to entertain myself. Now, you don't need to have to play the game to get this, but just know the main crux of the combat is that like paper mario, characters deal more damage with timed button...
  17. RyanBram

    How to disable F3 and F4?

    Hi, How to disable the F3 and F4 key for stretching screen and full screen function? I want the full screen function can only done inside menu option instead of hot key. I found the script for adjusting full screen in option, but still cannot find a way to restrict the player to use F3 and...
  18. What are you thoughts on Voice Acting?

    So my friend thought it would be cool to have voice acting in my game, but I think it just makes games bigger, as alot of people just skip the voices. But what are your thoughts about this feature?  :unsure:
  19. Brillenpinguin

    Relationship mechanics

    Hello everyone! I've been thinking about building a relationship system into my game. By that I mean you can interact with characters and gain "points" that help you to achive a different ending for the game and maybe even start a romance. I thought it might be interesting to exchange, how...
  20. RyanBram

    Far and near distance effect

    Hi, everyone. I am looking for a way to create point-and-click adventure game styla a'la Lucas Art. In most of point-and-click adventure, the character sprite can move freely in 8 directional (in RPG Maker also possible using script). But the only thing that I cannot do with RPG Maker VX Ace...

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