game mechanics

  1. Guardinthena

    Immersive Pathfinding vs Cutscene Cycle

    So I have a difficult decision to decide upon for my game in representing an immersive flow of villager life, and that mechanic comes down to whether or not I should get involved in pathfinding or link villager events to a common event 'cutscene cycle,' where when a certain time rolls around, a...
  2. Alkaline

    Plugin/Mechanic introduction in game

    Is there a way to activate a plugin and its mechanic only after a certain point in the game? For example, can I introduce Item Synthesis or Party Gauge to the player after an event happens in game but keep it disabled prior to that event?
  3. Evertonest

    Bard Class - How to activate and deactivate skills?

    Hi! I have a Bard class, and I am having trouble implementing a game mechanic related to activating and deactivating certain skills during battle. The bard has two skill types: "VERSE" and "CHORUS". CHORUS skills are basically stronger versions of VERSE skills, but can only be used when a...
  4. LiltigationJackson

    Noob needs help moving npc's from one location to the next after battle

    OK, so I am very new, and I've spent about 70 hours doing basic stuff with RPG Maker MV. I want to try my hand at a short comedic game where you play as a powerful demon that can't seem to kill anyone, so when she defeats an enemy, they just get placed in her dungeon. The dungeons start filling...
  5. PhxFire

    Thoughts on idea to obtain skills/ abilities

    I wanted to get some feedback on a possible game mechanic I'm thinking about implementing... So basically you learn new skills and gain new abilities by speaking to NPCs that have mastered that specific art thoughout the game... The main skills will be a sort of checkpoint before the player can...
  6. dbchest

    Parameter Curves

    Hi, everyone! I would like to talk about the "parameter curves" game mechanic today; specifically, I am curious what algorithm is used within the "Parameter Curves" sub-section of the "Classes" section of the database in order to "bend" a linear growth pattern by applying a single growth-rate...
  7. Kitsunekko

    Permadeath? Should it be done?

    I've had an idea for the past couple of days, but I'm unsure whether or not it'd seem 'fun' or 'fair' to the player character. The idea is basically this: When you first die (I'm unsure if it should be scripted or not), you'll encounter yourself in a horror setting where you have to escape from...
  8. Finnuval

    RMMV My current project - looking for feedback

    Hello everyone I'm currently working on a massive game wich will take years to complete (it took me about 8 months to come-up with a main storyline and game concept so LOL) wich is fine by me :D. It is a game I am primarily making for myself and as of yet I have no intention to make it public...
  9. IguanaGuy

    Album Designs/Mechanics

    What is a practical way to handle things like albums in your game? If the player is collecting items or photos or recipes or whatever what is the best way to make a display page for what has been obtained and what has not been. My thought was a custom map but the problem I see with that is you...
  10. MushyFox

    Can you animate for ABS?

    So I'm in the planning phase for my next project and I'm set on using an ABS battle system, I am also planning to make custom animated sprites. My question is, can I implement attack animations into my sprites? For example my character swings a sword or pulls back a bow (similar to Zelda or...
  11. Failivrin

    Optimizing gameplay for mobile

    My current project will take over a year to complete, by which time technology will have changed--so this post isn't for discussing technical details of deployment. Instead I'm hoping to collect tips for optimizing game mechanics and design. Example... I've heard that maps in a mobile game...
  12. DesuSukopion

    Daily Events

    I was wondering, what everyone's opinion on "Daily Events" in RPG Maker Games are. Daily Events, how shall I describe them? I personally--*Coughcough* am curious about the potential these kind of "Sidequests" if we may call them so, might hold. Would you feel thrilled? Excited? Just want the...
  13. Need help in game mechanics (Spell Chaining)

    I want to make a spell-chaining magic system. It would look like (for example): - First turn : Create one Air Orb and keep it. (Like rotating around the character.) - Second Turn : Create one Fire Orb and keep it. (Same here.) - Third Turn : Release the two Orbs and deal Air/Fire damages. (And...
  14. MobileSuitSonic

    Bestiary Files

    I've been playing around with an idea of creating collectable files for the enemies you encounter in my game (a la POKEMON and CASTLEVANIA: SOTN). What all would be needed. This isn't set in stone yet, so it might not make the final cut. I just want to know what mechanics would need to go into...
  15. 02Aya

    Allowing player to skip cut scenes?

    I'm making animated cut scenes for my game. I want to incorporate a way for players to skip them, to add better replay value, is it possible to do that? If so, could someone show me how? Or would doing that just make the game crash? ^^;;
  16. naruzeldamaster

    Managing EXP?

    Ok so I thought of a really interesting mechanic that's a little bit of a double-edged sword. What if there was some way to 'use' EXP, in place of the overdone MP/TP meters?  My idea is that you still level up normally, but your spells/ technical moves cost certain amounts of EXP. EX...
  17. Ari3s

    Playing multiple music tracks at once?

    So, I have an idea for a boss fight that I think would be a cool little addition to the fight. Attention to detail, if you will. The boss fight is basically with a rock band, and what I wanted to do was make it so that, say you defeat the drummer, then the drums in the song—which by the way is a...
  18. ramza

    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    I'm back, baby! I have updated the paste code for Shield blocking in this post. It now uses my Shield Blocking Plugin. Welcome everyone, to Ramza's Custom State Workshop. IN this thread, I will post and share custom lunatic states that I have made for use with RMMV. Everyone is welcome to...
  19. Changing critical rates between weapons

    I remember having a lot of trouble with this before, and now it plagues me again. I want to make some weapons more or less critical then others. Like daggers be weaker then swords but have a higher crit chance, but axes are stronger then swords and have a lower crit rate. Help? I haven't...
  20. grubsky

    Rougelike in RPG Maker VX Ace?

    I was wondering if there was any way to create a rougelike along the lines of The Binding Of Issac using RPG Maker VX Ace. I know it might require a lot of coding, but I imagine it will be worth my while.

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