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    Music Composer For Game, Free.

    Hello, I am a composer who happens to specialize in making many RPG style kinds of music. I am taking requests to compose original themes for anyone's game. It can be Main Themes, Character themes, Character battle themes, and Situation themes. They will be exported as a wav. file. Here is a...

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Just 80% of my motivation on game making lmao, anyone got tips on how to not be unmotivated?
I've signed up for a job training program for people with Asperger's Syndrome. I went to a "test run" today so they could see how well I did with simple jobs, and I amazed them. Most new people do it in 30+ minutes, while I finished in a mere 15 minutes. Gives me time to work on a screenplay for Studio MDHR...
People,I have seen that Someone from China/Chile and London is doing a Vaccine Against COVID-19.
Doing anything that yield good result in the long run is like sowing seeds. With proper care, they will grow and bear fruits. I'm excited for tomorrow. :D

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