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  1. Kakis

    RPG Maker XP Discussion

    Hey, I'm new here. And I don't really know where to post things, so I'll start here. I was thinking of getting myself an rpg maker myself- RMXP- but I can't find many discussions about it and most of the other RPG makers are expensive in comparison... So I want to know if the following...
  2. Catog

    How would you update Final Fantasy VIII's Junction System?

    Hi all, an interesting point a mate and I were discussing. So Final Fantasy 8 is not getting re-released on the Nintendo Switch alongside 7, 9, 10, 12, and so on. So far, one of the only current ways you can (legally) get your hands on it is through Steam or PS Classics for the PlayStation 3...
  3. ougitou1

    Scripts and resources, etc necessary for an awesome game

    Hi all here is my list of things (scripts, music, images, icons and tips) necessary for for an awesome out-of-the-box game that people will undoubtedly have mix feelings about completing (after being hooked and pulled all the way to the end of course).    1. A professional look and feel. ...

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