1. Action20


    DRAGON BALL SUPER - THE LEGACY OF GOKU is an Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game which is currently in the works. I am currently engaged in making this game as an unofficial sequel to the DBZ Buu's fury GBA Game. This Game follows the same story as the DBS anime. It has its User interface and...
  2. Adamuss

    Game using cursor

    hi, i'm starting a new project for my sister. wants an interactive game for children;:rswt the point is that I want them to learn to use the CURSOR.:kaodes::kaomad2::kaosalute::kaolivid: I remember that at some point I learned to create those games before I forgot, do you help...
  3. coucassi

    RMMV Tortellinas Easter Festival

    TORTELLINAS EASTER FESTIVAL Our first game release! It was ready for easter, but we had to translate it first, so we are a bit late in the english forum. It's a very short game (about 30 minutes) made within two weeks, so there is nothing revolutionary to expect, but it may at least give you...
  4. Hollow 1977

    Thanks Giving Spring Edition

    We have seen a lot of weird stuff since Covid became a part of our lives. Many of us take precautions and going out becomes difficult. Covid is scary as you do not know how it will affect you or your friends and family especially those at risk for serious complications even death. My brother and...
  5. RMMV How to get the current option on a switch? Not yet chosen!

    Hi, I'm a developer in a adveture through the RPG Maker. So, I've searched for many times but without any sucess. I have one switch that my friend and partner dev made, and I want to get the name (or even 'obj' properties) of the current option where the 'cursor' it's over. For example: imaging...
  6. Hello! Nice to meet y’all!

    While I’m not new to RPG Maker games, its been a long time since I’ve been in the community. Recently, I’ve been thinking of doing a Youtube Channel where I play solely RPG Maker games. I‘ve wanted to do this for a while because I love this community and the work that goes into these games...
  7. BoredDudesGames

    RMMZ The Kingdom of Crimson Skies (DEMO V1)

    After almost two weeks and over 40 hours of work; I present to you. THE KINGDOM OF CRIMSON SKIES (Demo 1 version 2 HOTFIX 2: I promise it works this time!) A Fantasy Adventure RPG which I am currently working on and will be for the foreseeable future. There are probably some bugs I missed or...
  8. Nightblade50

    How to Stay Working on a Game

    Are you the sort of person who has thirty projects with only about a few hours of work into each one? Do you keep having ideas for video games but never end up finishing them? Are you working on a project right now but considering quitting? If so, I've written this guide for you. I myself...
  9. Froggo32

    I'm making a game for Christmas

    This may be a bit late, and I have deadline in 5 days (3 days to post a game, I want it to be on Christmas' Eve so...heh...). I want it to be short, 1 hour or even a bit shorter? Even though I, honestly, hate short games (less than 3 hours on 1st gameplay and, well, not saying I aint gonna play...
  10. atoms

    Element States Ideas?

    I was wondering what elemental state ideas people could come up with, as I'm trying to think of simple very basic ones for each element. If you're using any of them in your own games or you want to share either basic or complex examples to either help out or share your thoughts for discussion...
  11. rux

    New YT Channel For my Game!

    I am currently working on a game, since I want to help it get more attention I created a youtube channel designed on this game. I will post the soundtrack of the game, devlogs and updates. Please help me and support my game developing! Thread will be closed
  12. Hollow 1977

    Virus Update Thread

    Will all the crazyness going around with this virus recently especially with winter coming and now a second wave. I created this thread so we can all keep in touch and share our situations with one another and offer comfort to those who need especially those in the worst situations. Our...
  13. kagehiramika

    MZ or MV or VX ACE ? Need your opinion !!

    Hello i don't want to make this long so I'll go to the point :) I'm a fine lvl Artist you can check my art here (https://www.deviantart.com/jairosan) and i realllly want to make a game for this story its a mystery, drama and a little horror type here is the problem .... i can draw everything i...
  14. DHG Sage Gaara

    Card Game Issues (VX Ace, MV)

    Alright so i've been combing around for a while now to try and discover a usable engine that allows for a card game. I have seen the Yanfly version but all reviews show the system is insanely buggy and the dev is unreachable. It also seems the plugin is completely gone from the internet as the...
  15. Spielerseele

    Jack Hayes: The Lazarus Sign ... now on Steam!

    Hi everyone! This game was made with RPG MAKER MV and a lot of plugins and extra assets! The soundtrack was either done by me or the professional English composer Joff Winks, who did an absolute awesome job in creating a unique and original score! The beautiful artwork was done by Nikita Nanako...
  16. Looking for a specific game

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific game. I played it many years ago but I can't remember the name. It is like "Vampires Dawn" but with a more newer graphic (I think it used parallax mapping). What I remember is, that the story is also about vampires and that you play a guy living in a...
  17. KakonComp

    RMMV [One Map Challenge Game] Demur

    What is Demur? The word Demur, meaning doubt, plays a pivotal role throughout the game. Maria, one of three survivors living in a world completely void of humans save for them, suddenly hears the cries of a child. Rushing away from safety, and ahead of both Aaron and Karin, Maria eventually not...
  18. Leokids

    RMVX A Empty Place RMVX Edition

    This Version of The Empty Game Will be Made with VX. Its a Empty Place. But Use your Imagination to Adventure! Well What do you think?
  19. _Shadow_


    So, by learning a lot from this community, I think it is time to make a new and better tutorial on how to use RPG Maker. MZ will have new and neat stuff, it will have some differences and it will be a cool thing to use. So since I am gonna make the third part of the series EVENTS (yeee...
  20. EmmaB

    Your Favorite Thing to do in Games?

    When playing games, what activity in the game do you especially like to do? (Just to name a "few" options :p) Battles Trading Crafting Cooking Quests - Following a storyline or completing small side quests. Mining Searching for treasure - Digging for it or salvaging from something. Farming...

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