1. SmoothLightningStudios

    RMMV Soul Journey MV v1

    A story about a lost boy who finds his origins through adventures and connections with others, with a dark twist and multiple endings based on a choice! Available for $2 USD (or more, up to you!) on my itchi.io page. Classic style turn-based RPG gameplay and dungeon exploration. Gear up at...
  2. RMMZ Question about HUD Maker Ultra Pro

    Hey everyone, I am considering designing my own menu in RPG Maker MZ for my game. I want to use HUD Maker Ultra Pro, but I’m not sure if the program can help me achieve what I want. I’ve noticed from a video that I watched that they were discussing creating a menu for the map and battles, but...
  3. Technical404

    Removing game over on MC's death

    So, i wanna make the game over only appear when its a full party wipe, but when the MC dies, after the battle it triggers an auto game over... is there a way to remove/change the way the game overs work in the overworld? Or just, idk, always remove the "dead" status after the battles
  4. Technical404

    "Roulette" type Skill

    Ok, so for my game, i've been trying to do a "Roulette" type of skill that basically is wild magic, but let me explain rq: An attack with various results, that are decided at random. I have been trying to find a good way to do that for more than 2 hours and failed miserably, is there a way of...
  5. Oscar92player

    [HELP] Deploying a game for Steam Deck

    Good day, everyone, I've been making a bit of research on this, based on the fact that RPG Maker MV you allows to deploy games on Linux. However, I've found a few issues when trying to do the same for Steam Deck, which uses SteamOS (basically, Linux). I don't think the tutorials and help...
  6. Kato-A

    What is your favorite part of game maker?

    What do you enjoy the most? I would say drawing and pixel art but I must admit it gets tedious at some point, but I always enjoy writing because I can imagine all the scenes I want. (what I hate the most is looking for sound effects) 93 pages for now... What about you?
  7. Mieyn-the-ScriptWriter

    Do you perfer a story-heavy story or light-hearted story?

    Hello Game Makers! I was wondering if players would prefer a game that is more story-heavy or light-hearted. I enjoy games with deep, immersive story that keeps me engaged and invested in the characters and world. On the other hand, I also enjoy light-hearted games that are more focused on...
  8. kagehiramika

    what can you offer when you get help for free?

    i don't know how to explain this but for example let's say: you have a project! and this project for example is a free game and at some point you needed help with something let's say art or music! and you asked for help to see if there's anyone interested and someone said they can help you but...
  9. WilliamCrawford

    Nice to Meet You

    My name is William Crawford, and I'm a newcomer to game development in RPG Maker MZ, though I set my "Primarily Uses" version of RPG Maker to MV by mistake, whoops. I am a recent college graduate that earned a Bachelor's Degree in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing, and I'm...
  10. Rpics

    RMMZ Crusade of Deitra

    Get ready to face the lands of Deitra. Choose your class and fight to change your destiny. There is something strange about you, everyone fears you and many believe in you behind that innocent face is a demon who wants control, free him. Enter the immense lands of Deitra, face dungeons and...

    Game won't open please help.

    I'm so upset right now, I shut off my computer ;last night and then, this afternoon, opened my computer to edit the game, and it's gone! Everytime I try to open it says actors.json error message. this has happened before and I never got to the bottom of it. Can someone please help me so I don't...
  12. DnD/RPG games and development suggestions?

    I've been trying to get more into DnD and RPGs with my friend group and new S.O. but i lack creativity and substance. Does anyone have ideas for things i could play or create with to help me figure out whats best for me? Id love any feedback beyond this as well! Thank You!!
  13. Askann

    RMMZ Apenas outra Aventura! (Just another adventure!)

    Information Developed by: Askann Creation Date: 08/09/2020 Genre: Adventure/Fantasy Engine: RPG Maker MZ THE GAME Introduction Before I say anything, I must warn that english is not my native language, the game has screenshots in brazilian-portuguese but I do pretend translate it to...
  14. Kato-A

    RMMV Hell’s Secret (Adventure game)

    Warning: "This game contains themes of drug use, blood, and explicit murder." Synopsis: A little demon who was entrusted with an important mission wakes up in a mysterious tower. His friend has disappeared and all he can see is a mysterious moon that seems to be watching him all the time. But...
  15. Daphne04

    Check if actor 2 has the same name as actor 1

    Hello everyone, :kaohi: I have a quick question. I want to create a conditional branch to check if the name of actor-1 is the same as actor-2. More specifically: The player (actor-1) types their own name at the beginning of the game. When the player meets actor-2, the game asks them to give...
  16. Notchella

    Making money from RPG Maker games with their assets (loaded question)

    Firstly, this is a few questions in one so I apologise for such a loaded question. Okay, so firstly how do I exactly export an RPG maker game? I deployed my game so my mate could try it but he could not load the .exe file and I'm not sure why. Does he need to have all the folders/ files for it...
  17. thenerdmansion

    RMMV Meganoble 3 (35minute Platformer)

  18. Daphne04

    Script panic meter

    Hello everyone, :kaohi: I'm looking for a script to create a panic/sanity meter in the right corner of the screen. The idea is to use variable 23 to change how the meter/counter behaves. When the variable is 0, the meter is also 0. As the meter goes up to 100, the color gradually changes from...
  19. Raypixel

    RMVXA Runia Story (full game)

    Note that this is version 1.0, if I need to update the game or patch out any errors to fix that someone pointed out then I will make edit this thread with a version 1.5, 2.0 and so on if I need to. Synopsis: Screenshots: Characters and Game Mechanics: Download Link:
  20. Daphne04

    Help variable script call: QTE [Solved]

    Hello everyone. I ran into some issues while following the Eventing a QTE: Time Hits Minigame tutorial by Hiddenone. (I use VXACE, but the tutorial is for MV.) For most of the tutorial, everything worked the way it was supposed to. But at the 'Checking if the player hits the goal' part, it...

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