1. A new "game style"

    Hi, I don't know if you've played BattleCity for Gameboy (, i would like to know: 1)where can I find a simple graphic of a tank, similiar to that of BattleCity, to replace him, in the actors, with the player's sprite to make him move...
  2. Is there a way, in VX, VXAce, or MV to lower the...block? size from 32x32

    I find a lot of Game boy style resources that I would love to use, but they're all so small that a single block selection in RPGMaker takes up 4 seperate blocks of the resource (I believe are usually listed at 16x16), so my question is, is it possible to lower the block selection size so that I...
  3. PlanetTzero

    RMMV New Demo!!!Paracreat!

    Paracreat! Download: Link demo version Credits plugin: yanfly message core - battle status Do you like good timeless pixelart and are you up for some nostalgic "Game Boy vibes"? Awesome! Then Paracreat will bring you plenty of fun. :) Explore a whole new world in a parallel universe...
  4. Porting to Gameboy

    Using the Flash Advance Pro Linker, or a similar device, it is possible to write data to a bootleg Gameboy Advance cartridge. Has anyone tried porting a RPG Maker 2003 game to Gameboy? Is it in anyway possible? Just curious. Anyway thank you in advance!
  5. Stranga

    RM2k/3 Knights of Gaia (New Demo Now Available!)

  6. DaneReid

    RPG Maker MV Gameboy

    Looking to make gameboy sprites, tilesets, and graphics in general and trying to match it's resolution (using a plugin to make the resolution the same as gameboy's resolution) with RPG Maker MV. If anyone could help me out by giving advice and/or links that'll be much appreciated. Thanks guys!
  7. Autofire

    Is RPG Maker VX Ace capable of a 2x mode?

    Hi, peeps! I got VXAce with the Humble Gamemaker's Bundle a couple years back. However, being more a coder, I never really got much use out of VXAce in particular. However, I recently decided to show my younger brother VXAxe, and he's been having a lot of fun playing around with it. Because of...
  8. ct_bolt

    ✩✩✩ ☺ CT_Bolt's MV Creation Page ☺ ✩✩✩

    ✩✩✩ ☺ CT_Bolt's MV Creation Page ☺ ✩✩✩ Hello everyone, this will be where I will post my resources for RPG Maker MV. :cutesmile: Terms of Use: Feel free to use in Commercial or Non-Commercial games. You may edit this if you like; Please let me know and post...
  9. Slay the Dragon

    DOWNLOAD SLAY THE DRAGON - COMPLETE EDITION (Version 2.0 - 10/14/15)   INTRODUCTION Slay the Dragon is a retro-styled RPG, in the graphical style of the Gameboy. Your playable characters are four heroes from another land, and you have been summoned to...
  10. Gameboy graphics?

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I thought it would be great to make a gameboy-like game, but I'm not so great at art - has anyone made any packs like this? I found this old thread really fast:
  11. Lunarea

    Old School Modern Tile (Pack 1)

    Old School Modern Tile Pack 1 This cool retro "old school" set was created by Jason Perry (of final boss blues), and it has tiles and characters that fit the good old Gameboy aesthetic. There are tiles and characters to make several areas: quiet towns, inside homes and dangerous dungeons...
  12. Archeia

    Gameboy Retro Pack Interest

    Hello everyone!   If we were to sell a Gameboy/Retro Pack for the store, would you be interested in buying them? What would you like to see in it and what are your thoughts about it in general?   Below are sample screenshots of this possible future pack. There's also a Sample Track available...

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