1. AggroAzteca


    Hiya, my name is AggroAzteca. I've been using Rpgmaker (XP and MV) for roughly a year though my learning was hampered by work. I'm currently working on my most ambitious project which is a retro rpg set in the Medusa myth. I tend to make my own art instead of using assets which does lead to...
  2. Sampai

    Applying Debuff after Day/Night cycle

    Hello o/ I am using this Global Time common event for my Day/Night cycle. I have Variables and Switches for the fire place in my game which can dim down and go out if you don't keep fueling it. I was wondering if anyone would know how to go about applying a debuff to my characters once the...
  3. FJ_Bros

    Hello game makers~~

    Nice meeting you all. Actually I'm not new to rpg maker but never got the time to fully commit on making game. Hopefully by joining this forum I'll become more motivated to actually make a game on my own. :hwink:
  4. Need help with my bachelor thesis study of animations in RPG dialogues!

    Hi! My name is Marcus and I study game development graphics/animation in Sweden and need help answering a form about roll-playing dialogue animations for my bachelor thesis! The form takes about 5 minutes to answer! Link to google form: Thanks in advance!
  5. Schematist

    How to Compose like Shoji Meguro/Persona

    In this tutorial, I will show how anyone with a digital audio workstation can create music similar to the Persona series with a few essential tools. For the purpose of this video I will be using FL Studio, but this can work in any digital audio workstation. This video may run a little long...
  6. Streaming gamedev on my RM MV game on Twitch.

    I'll be using this topic solely to announce when I'm on. I'm hoping that my gamedev sessions motivate you to do your own gamedev as watching others doing gamedev inspires me in return. Suggestions and feedback are welcomed. I have a thick skin so I don't mind you being honest or blunt. Click...
  7. RavenBlueIndigo

    Raven's Aviary of Art

    Heya, guys! Raven here! I do a fair bit of Pixel Art and I've made this topic to share my work with y'all~ I typically work with minimal colors. I started with black and white and I've since started dabbling with mixing in more colors, but I rarely dabble with more than two colors. It is an...
  8. Stanley

    Should I join your crew? Will you lemme join your crew?

    Hi, I would love to know and contemplate on your opinion. Which one is better? The early parts of the story go with the protagonist being observed, tested and recruited into a group, like, say, a mercenaries band, a heroes guild, a starship crew, a revolutionary army, a secret order, etc, or...
  9. Tyler's Introduction!

    Hey guys.  I'm Tyler, and i'm sorta new to making games and talking on forums.  I started making games last year and i'm finishing up my first RPGMaker VX Ace game by christmas 2015.  I'm a programmer by trade, languages like Ruby, Javascript, and C#.  It's nice to meet you guys, I can't wait...
  10. Bonkers

    Palladinthug's Game Making Tips

    Dialogue Say it with me now.  Change is good, and empowers you.  No amount of work and investment of time is wasted when it broadens your experience with media and allows you to think  outside of your comfort zone.  It's this zone that will make you seem lazy to others, when in fact you're...
  11. Bonkers

    Dialogue Workshop

    Not the usual workshop you'd expect where graphics, music, and physical resources exist. This is more the unspoken word, and heart of game dev where we explore concepts, scenes, dialogue, and everything between the pretty graphics and musics of the finished project. Being here means taking...
  12. Usagi

    Game Design Doubts and Motivations

    Has anyone else found themselves with doubts, wondering if the past year of game development has been a complete waste of time? Or, do you find you keep that same level of motivation until the final release of your game thinking your idea is fun and innovative? I wanted to bring the discussion...

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