1. Chockychip21

    Is my game good?

    Yo I’ve been working on a game for a bit for my friends but I’ll make it public for people, it’s on game jolt, read the description before playing please, lmk what you think, thanks.****ingWrekced/588654
  2. Chockychip21

    I need help with my rpg maker game on game jolt

    So basically I posted a long demo of my Mv game on game jolt and when people download it it says “unable to read actors.json” which doesn’t make any sense. It will play on mine but when it’s on GJ people can’t get and play it, should I try something else or even upload it a different way?
  3. DrXama

    Dr.Xamã - Game Jolt API on RPG MAKER MV

    Introduction This plugin allows you to integrate the Game Jolt into your project, providing full Game Jolt API support to developers. Multiple user login at the same time. Current version highlights v2.5.4 - May 07, 2020 - Fixed problem that made the plugin not work. - Now the guests' scores...
  4. OneManIndie

    So you want to upload your MV game to Newgrounds/Gamejolt?

    I recently tried to upload Slime Kingdom to Newgrounds and Gamejolt to get some more buzz going for it, but I ran into an issue (see image above). I searched around for tips to try and fix it with no luck. So, in the spirit of helping, I’m making one to assist those in need. Okay, now you’ve...
  5. flynnmichael81

    RMMV Expansion - Winner of the Dreamhack Austin Jam

    Expansion was made in ten days for the Dreamhack Austin Games Jam. It was selected as one of the winners and will now be shown at Dreamhack this year! It is made in RPG Maker MV! You can download it here! It is a strategy game played on a board of 3200 squares which represent the/a galaxy...
  6. thunderswagthe3rd

    Best way to promote your games?

    I seen games like pocket mirror, DELETE, ib, etc been getting lotta fame in this community and mostly by youtubers. so i been wondering how poeple from this community promote thier rpg maker games in thier way. I created this thread mosly cause a lot of games i have seen here ( and especially...
  7. GameJolt Achievement plugin

    GameJolt achievement plugin for RPG Maker MV This plugin adds support for the GameJolt Achievement API to RPG Maker MV games. This API allows you to reward your players with online trophies and highscores that will show up on the GameJolt site and give your players EXP there. This is a great...
  8. The Commander

    GameJolt Achievement API script

    Hi there, I am looking for a way to implement an achievement/trophy API script connecting and stored on Gamejolt into various projects constructed on the RMVX engine so that players can score achievements while playing these games, such as my indev Warriors of Guardias II: The Age of Drakes and...
  9. The Commander

    GameJolt Achievement API script

    Hi there, since I've begun adding my various projects to the indie database, I've been looking into potentially finding some way to give players trophies as rewards for playing the games. One of these games was developed on RMXP, and, in fact, already has an ingame achievement...

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