gamepad support

  1. cabanas_ds

    RMMZ Help with Gamepad controller using Right Joy Pad.

    I need help (if it's even possible) with a Gamepad Controller setup.. Using the right joy stick as mouse point direction & using R2 as the mouse click (shoot) button. In combination with Galv's Map Projectiles MZ. (This mechanic is very important to my game) I asked Galv myself and he said...
  2. Neutron21

    Gamepad Support Logitech F310

    Most people recommended the Xbox controller but I see that the Logitech F310 is actually pretty good and inexpensive. I used it out of the box on emulation as well on various platforms with no problems either. It has a toggle for Xinput and Dinput. My question is if one is going to have support...
  3. RPG Maker MV Controller Support Issues

    I have a wired xbox 360 controller and a wireless xbox one controller for windows 10. I also have the Yanfly Gamepad Plugin but the controllers don't seem to be detected by the game or the plugin. With this, I have several questions about MV and Gamepads. 1) Does RPG Maker MV have any...

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