1. aporokizzu

    DK_Tools_Full_Input Plugin Questions

    Howdy, I have the following function: Input.keyMapper[74] = `J`; _alias_Scene_Map_update = Scene_Map.prototype.update; Scene_Map.prototype.update = function() {; if (Input.isTriggered(`J`)) {...
  2. ZoeZero

    Help! Gamepad not working at all

    So, I had playtested the game with the Xbox One, Xbox 360 gamepads and Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. After some time, I just realized it worked well and I could keep using the keyboard, since it's more comfortable for me. Then, recently, I've tried to use the Xbox One gamepad, but it simply didn't...
  3. Ivan_the_Terrible

    Setting controls for gamepads (custom scripts question)

    Greetings, fellow bipeds! I have been experimenting with some of the wonderful scripts created for real-time gameplay in VX Ace (such as Khas' great Sapphire Action System) and I've run into an interesting problem that I have not been able to solve due to my limited knowledge of Ruby. But the...
  4. Hamsterjelly24

    Gamepad question

    Hello, I'm creating a game with the VX ace engine right now and want to put up a different tutorial for when the player has a controller connected and when they don't (two different tutorials meant for keyboard users and controller users). So I want to ask if it is possible to set up the...
  5. ahnmori

    Is there a way to recognize the Gamepad?

    First of all, I apologize that I am not good at English. I found RPG VX Ace basically supports Gamepad. So I would like to display other help for players using Gamepad. Can you use conditional branching to confirm that the player uses the Gamepad? If possible, I would like to know how to do...
  6. ImAcastor

    detect gamepad

    Hey ! I want to detect if a gamepad is connected to the computer to make different message on the tutorial of my game, if a gamepad is connected a message will tell you "press A to interact" but if there is not gamepad connected, a message will tell you "press ENTER to interact" but I don't know...
  7. JosephSeraph

    Joypad Configuration (number keys)

    Is there any possible way to map extra keys to the controller, specifically the numerical values? My game features a few field mechanics that would be hard to implement in only 3 keys, and I want the game to be gamepad friendly!~ Thanks : >
  8. Felix Trapper

    Controller support for RPG Maker 2003?

    I recently got excited to start a project in this maker, but that quickly dwindled upon booting up a test game and finding that controllers did not work. That's a major deal breaker for me, and many game players nowadays. I'm hoping I'm just mistaken and there is a way to enable this. If not, I...
  9. Prescott

    Better Gamepad Support

    Description of the Feature: The ability to utilize all of a gamepad's buttons and axes, to map said buttons and axes to any key, and to allow multiple controllers for multiplayer. Use all of a gamepad's buttons and axes. Map said buttons and axes to any keyboard key. Option to enable...
  10. RPG Maker MV Controller Support Issues

    I have a wired xbox 360 controller and a wireless xbox one controller for windows 10. I also have the Yanfly Gamepad Plugin but the controllers don't seem to be detected by the game or the plugin. With this, I have several questions about MV and Gamepads. 1) Does RPG Maker MV have any...
  11. Tuomo L

    Support for modern gamepads

    The ammount of buttons on gamepads nowadays is aproximately 12 buttons, 2 sticks, 2 bumper, 2 triggers, start and back buttons with 4 buttons on the right. Some have more, some have less. Many also have rumble functionality. A gamepad with buttons like these is most common among majority of...
  12. FoxySeta

    How do I... map multiple gamepads (multiplayer already implemented)?

    Ok so I know nothing about js but I'd like to know how to map multiple controllers anyway: I guess you can't just edit the original mapper since it is probably designed for a single keyboard and a single gamepad. Maybe you have to script something in the core/api (no idea of what I'm saying...
  13. Mur

    Game.exe lost gamepad after collapse/expand window

    Hi! When i run standalone file game.exe (or run directly from rpgmaker mv) and call debugger window with command "navigator.getGamepads()" i got empty list of gamepads: Then i click on gamepad button "A" and got my gamepad in list: If i collapse and expand window with game.exe...
  14. serp

    [VX Ace] Technical info on the native gamepad support? I'm having compatibility issues.

    Here's some context:  -I am currently testing my game on two different windows 7 machines. The built-in gamepad support works on one, but not the other, and I'm not sure why.  -I am already using a modified version of LoneWolf's game pad extender script. I have mine set up to listen for...
  15. Jatopian

    Message Window Hide

    I've written a plugin that allows the player to toggle whether or not the message window is shown, but I have a few concerns about it, as is. I've attempted to let the developer set a "key" for the command that works with a gamepad. However, I don't have a gamepad, so I'm unsure if gamepad...
  16. MCBC

    Help! Gamepad not working in MV

    Ok guys I'm pretty new to MV and so this may have been answered but I havn't found a working solution so here goes. My issue is when playtesting my game in MV my gamepad (Ibuffalo SNES model, which works in EMU perfect and also when setting up USB controllers) Does not function correctly ...
  17. Splatterguy

    Logitech RumblePad 2

    Can anyone help me? It seems like the RPG Maker MV doesn't support my GamePad "Logitech RumblePad 2". (Wired/USB) When I push a Button, the only thing the Hero does, is something like - running to the left or right without any controll. I allready tried the Program "TocaEdit Xbox 360...
  18. captainsteff

    Controller right stick as mouse in MV

    Hi community!  Is there any way in RMMV to use the right analog stick on a controller to move the mouse cursor on screen? Left analog is for movement, of course, but I would need the right stick to move the mouse cursor. It could be a plugin or a common event. Any help would be 100%...
  19. Lakaroth

    Switch to Windows from Mac Gamepad Issue RMMV

    Hi there, i switched on Windows from Mac, i use to have a Psx gamepad and an adaptator USB who work perfectly, but in RMMV don wotk good, directional buttons dont work, only buttons, and character if i press a direction walk forever without change, i have test ina new blank projecy, no plugin...
  20. terrorchan

    Binding Keys to Gamepad?

    I'm trying out Mog's LMBS system and I personally prefer to use a gamepad, but this system uses other keys that aren't with the default layout (like 'd' and 'w'). How can I bind these controls to a gamepad? 

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