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    Hotel Pilipinas

    HOTEL PILIPINAS explores the story of 5 different students from different countries on their way to attend a youth conference in the country of the Philippines and their experiences with Hotel Pilipinas. Hotel Pilipinas is the oldest hotel in the country and gives one of the students the chills...

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That moment when you try to figure out a color scheme for an alien ship so that it's something other than "Grey on Grey".
It's up for viewing! See what happened when EquestriAlert got tested in 1997... or was it a test? Did somepony hack the system? Or did somepony push the wrong switch? Even Adagio Dazzle (the owner of the channel) has no clue.

Can you put the pieces together? Don't worry, the game isn't over yet! There's more pieces to add on!
Why parodies are always underrated on your opinion?

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