1. FervorCraft

    RMXP Charon - Zhetan Chronicles GAMEPLAY DEMO

    Synopsis: Overview: In this GAMEPLAY DEMO, you join the four unlikely heroes of "Charon - Zhetan Chronicles" on a mission to investigate the mysterious Obsidian Grotto to vanquish the evil presence dwelling within... Explore a brand-new area with new enemies and secrets Fight exciting and...
  2. GreyWolfVino

    Character/Actor Name Change

    Hey fellow game makers, so I decided to have the player decide the name of the main character of my game but the character does have a default name in “Ace”. I want to do a Final Fantasy VII type of name change. In the beginning of the game, Cloud’s name is known as “Ex-Soldier” but immediately...
  3. Aeonex

    How to crash an RPG Maker MV game intentionally?

    I want to get RPG Maker MV to crash/throw up an authentic error message for a part of a game. How can I do this? To be clear, I don't want to simulate a crash -- I want a genuine crash that'll put up an error message, and one that would be able to triggered at a certain point during gameplay...
  4. Eliaquim

    Rakuen Zero - Youtube Channel!

    Passing here to promote the gameplays I will make on my channel. These gameplays will be from Rpg Maker games, but only for those developed for android. I will be giving priority for those who published in Google Play Store. But I will also play those who made apks to! I would also like to...
  5. Petrus906

    Class Evolution + Class Equipment

    Hi everyone! (Hope i'm posting on the right board) (sorry in advance for any grammar errors) I'm making a new project for some reason, and i have decided that the player will be able to evolve their character's class at a point in the game. And also, they will be able to choose between two 2nd...
  6. Lilly

    LMBS Summon Skill

    I wanted to get a skill that could summon another character, but only for a short amount of time. Since it's in LMBS, normal summon plugins won't work and also the summon is supposed to be automatically a CPU and you can't change to it. (It's fine if you can, as long as they can't stay forever.)
  7. Lilly

    LMBS Pull Script

    For my game, I wanted to get a skill that could pull enemies towards the player. I really wanna make this skill work and many others.
  8. CluelessCat

    RMMV Sailor Albert’s Sugoi RPG Adventure ^w^(Help with ideas is appreciated!)

    I have this joke character Sailor Albert, who's a penguin with the power to make costumes out of thin air. As you can guess he loves Sailor Moon and would give up his soul for her. Naturally, he buys all the merch he can find including a rare blue ray set that was produced on the moon for...
  9. CluelessCat

    Is it possible to make a check type system?

    I had this idea for combat where you could "check" an enemy, and once you do you unlock some attack for that enemy. Would that be possible for mv without having to know a ton of coding?
  10. HelloHinnie

    Ideas for puzzles house themed

    I am making a game where the character is stuck in a house and in order to leave he needs to collect certain objects,but i want to implement sort of a puzzle for each item and i'm out of ideas,i alredy made a charade to open a lock and a sliding image to collect a photo. These are the items...
  11. Bowtirage

    Hotel themed puzzles

    I'm working on a horror game based in a creepy love hotel and I'm trying to come up with some puzzle ideas that would fit that theme. I've had a couple of thoughts but I am stuck. Can anyone help me think of any hotel themed puzzles?
  12. MobileSuitSonic

    Gameplay and Plot Progession

    I have a few questions regard to a mechanic in my own game. You need to find and return nine stones to their temples, not to bring balance back to nature, but to lift a deadly force field around a magic sword. 1. How would I be able to be able to place these crystals without having it reset...
  13. MobileSuitSonic


    It's probably too much for the engine, but in brainstorming how to make dungeon gameplay less redundant, I began to wonder how crossing gaps with a grappling hook could work. Think the mechanics of the hookshot in LEGEND OF ZELDA: A LINK TO THE PAST. I'm still early in my project, so I want to...
  14. Gameplay mechanics

    Is there a way to make the camera in rpg mv 3rd person? Also is there a way to make the battle system real time open play like say dark souls like?
  15. Naveed

    RMMV Twice Upon A Time (v0.1.1)

    Twice Upon A Time Latest Version: v0.1.1 Made in RPG Maker MV. Available for Windows. Current Gameplay: ~2-3 hours. Genre: RPG, Fantasy Download Now! [/B][/I] [/SPOILER] Music: Art: [/SPOILER] I appreciate your time for reading this thread, trying out my...
  16. GoodSelf

    A Gashapon RPG

    I had an idea similar to a CCG, but weaved into the gameplay of a traditional RPG. I was hoping to get some ideas or feedback to see if this is something the community would be interested in playing. The idea is that you can only buy booster packs. These packs contain four cards of varying...
  17. Nutty171

    How do you make your game interesting to play?

    Many RPG Maker games' gameplay can usually be dumbed down to "Move from point A to point B, and attack the enemies when they appear." Of course this differs slightly from game to game, but to me they just seem... flat. There's little stimulation, and it probably gets bland after a while. Me? I'm...
  18. Amarok

    Adapting Monster hunter/Dark souls mechanics to turn based combat

    The title says it all, the other day i was replaying dark souls and though that the combat is actually kind of turn based. In the sense that the stamina bar limiting your actions forces you to think ahead and plan your steps while fighting. So i was thinking maybe there is a way to give the...
  19. Alternate Combat Resources to Spend

    Hello everyone, This is my first forum post so forgive me in advance. What I have been yearning to accomplish is some kind of resource system that could be spent only on certain abilities. For example:  I want to make a class that, as they receive damage and deal damage and use...
  20. wolfpak692

    Unable to have 2 Magic Users

    Update: Solved. It was the CB which was causing the issue on the event.  It was basically telling the event to do nothing if one or the other of my magic users was in the party. Deleted the problem part and redid the event.  Now it works. Not sure if this is the right place or not for this...

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