games in development

  1. RMMV HARVEST RUNE: A Fantasy Monster Hunter

    STORY SYNOPSIS : After the war against the former dictator concluded. The separated and newly formed State of Res Communes was left with nothing but crumbs of the struggle. To remedy the situation, the State decided to bolster first its work force, one of which was the Hunters Guild...
  2. Zabelnov

    RMMZ Father of The Valkries Demo Turn Based RPG with crafting system

    Synopsis the story is about Drauganottir who come to Vanaheim to learn magic with all his daughters and looking for a way to cure his childs. in his journey on vanaheim. Ulfberg ordering Ulfyarg and Skathi to acompany him in vanaheim . later there is another motive why ulfyarg and skathi agreed...
  3. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    I have a few questions about this site.

    So I'am happy to say that this site is awesome! My recent game just got approved which I'am really proud of! I mean At least I think it got approved... Anywho I got a couple of questions about this site. First of all in the "Games In Development" Category Some of the titles are in bold. Can...
  4. Kanallaman

    RMMV Life Without Friends (DEMO OUT NOW!)

    Another RPG Game where nobody has to get hurt! By Kanallaman Studios DEMO Out Now! FEATURES! (NOTE: I forgot the mention this, but some of these features are planed and are NOT in the current demo. If it's not in the demo, it will have an % next to it.) Act/Spare...
  5. mlogan

    Changes to Projects Section

    Hi all! We have some changes coming to the Projects section of the forums that we wanted to let you know about in advance. To make things simpler, we are combining the Early Project Feedback and Project Development forums into one – Games in Development. Hopefully this will reduce some of the...

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Welp, my graphics card died, so now I'm on my other PC but don't have another copy of my project. Time to start a side project in the meantime XD (shouldn't take *too* long to save the $$$ to get the GPU replaced)
I just realized that the 69th Common Event in my game is for the skill "Fall for Me," which inflicts Enthrall on all foes. :kaodes:
Wave's Elite guard comes to attack while you traverse Lab 5... They've got jetpacks too.

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