1. Kirri

    Are school-themed games boring?

    Hello, smhaaokir here! :kaohi: So, are school themed games boring? Most, if not all RPG Maker games with school theme are horror. I'm a fan of Persona series, Mana Khemia and a lot of not-so-similar games. I'm currently working on a school game myself and it's not horror and I'm really...
  2. BEST WEBSITES, cool interesting things

    Rpgmaker is a great website that a lot more people should know about. What OTHER great WEBSITES Besides rpg maker do you know about, obscure websites especially ?.... What about YouTube channels ? Share...
  3. Aidmen

    Using RPG maker for my thesis

    Hello everyone :) I have a rather important question that i hope somebody can help me with. I'm a masters student and my thesis is related to Gamification. I want to create a game concept by using RPG maker, the game will not be playable i just want to create the concept then insert...
  4. Hollow 1977

    Love Those Minigames

    Okay so I am pretty confident there is a mini-game or two you have messed up or maybe even failed miserably. You are not alone. There are some mini-games that are near impossible to do and what's worse those that the game requires you to get otherwise kiss finishing that game goodbye. So I feel...
  5. Parallax Panda

    RPG Maker games made with FES/DS/DS+ DLC?

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm interesting in playing RPG Maker games that were made with these DLC assets. If you know of a game (or playable demo), feel free to share it. If some interesting games pop up, we can discuss them as well. I didn't really know where to post this thread but...
  6. Hollow 1977

    Thanksgiving in May

    With all the negativity, politics, and sad news I thought it would be a good time recollect on what we are thankful for. I will start: First off I am thankful for my family. We are all healthy and happy. Also the condo I live in and my being able to work. I have a serious anxiety condition that...
  7. Powerise

    ******* for Fan games

    Hi everyone, I want to ask a topic. I plan to make a crossover game from other famous game characters such as pikachu, digimon characters, chocobo and others. The marerial used is made by myself or I hire someone else to make some sprites, music and scripts. If this game is finished, I will not...
  8. Leaufai

    The Grand JRPG Survey ~ I'm an aspiring developer and I want to know what you (dis)like about JRPGs!

    In this short survey (5-10 min) you will be asked a few questions about your opinions on certain aspects of JRPGs. As an aspiring RPG developer (only as a hobby at the moment) this information will help me determine what kind of games people like to see. As this is information that would be...
  9. CodeHunterEx

    Game Inspiration

    Mostly everyone gets their inspiration from other games, but I wonder, has anyone received any inspiration from television or movies. Maybe a book they read? To make this a bit more interesting, lets remove some that I don't think fit: television shows and movies based on games: Final Fantasy...
  10. Parallax Panda

    Narration in dialogue - yay or nay?

    Let’s consider the pros and cons of not limiting the dialogue to just speech but also including a narrators voice. It’s rarely if ever done within the JRPG genre, which to be fair, we’re all making games based on. For this very reason I’m thinking that it might not fit well into your typical RM...
  11. atoms

    Do you ever do writing for your game when you are tired? I.e. Dialogue. Would you recommend it?

    I was just curious if anyone here is like me and sometimes writes dialogue or other writin for there games when they are tired. Long ago I was against it as I always thought I can't write the best I can do when I'm tired, but now my attitude is it's fine to write so long you go back to it later...
  12. atoms

    How would you like to gain skills in a 5-9 hours RPG Maker game?

    Let's define it as longer than a short game but less than a medium length RPG. What are your thoughts? You can select more than one, but please share your combination in the discussion. Thanks. :)
  13. Tonko

    What Minecraft Features do you love most?

    As you may know, in the beautiful world of Minecraft, everything can be done. From playing online with friends on huge minigame servers, to surviving a toy appocalypse (also with friends if you want). This game has been so popular that it got huge multiplayer servers, custom software (Such as...
  14. FralKritic

    RMMV Pass It On Prototype

    Hey Guys! We have a prototype ready for a little to big community project we would like to pull off, our main goal is to help fellow developers new and advanced, learn RPG MAKER MV, build creatively explosive games with teams, and lastly publish something great, We will tell you more in our...
  15. Nightblade50

    Differences in moderation time?

    Hey. I've seen some differences in time that threads are moderated, in two locations. One, the games in development area. These take a long time to be moderated, often at least a day. Two, the script requests. I made a thread there, and it only took 18 minutes to be moderated. Why is there such...
  16. thunderswagthe3rd

    Best way to promote your games?

    I seen games like pocket mirror, DELETE, ib, etc been getting lotta fame in this community and mostly by youtubers. so i been wondering how poeple from this community promote thier rpg maker games in thier way. I created this thread mosly cause a lot of games i have seen here ( and especially...
  17. Nightblade50

    Running RM games on Mac OS

    Not a hundred percent certain if this is the right place, but here goes. So, I am making a game with RPG Maker. My friend really wants to play, but he has a MacBook. I tried running the game on it, but an error message appeared saying that Windows programs can't be run on Mac OS. Is there some...
  18. Hollow 1977

    VR Gaming

    VR's been out for a couple of years and looks interesting but I ask you all here. Is it worth the price? Which VR system is your favorite? Could rpgmaker titles end like this in the future? Which games do best in VR?
  19. eluukkanen

    Classic Remastered OST from Games - Released Every Week!

    Hello and Welcome to Remake Heaven The place where nostalgia and music meets one another! Vote Next Remake: Listen Music at SoundCloud: This is a music project of one composer who wants to bring back old...
  20. Leon Kennedy

    Is it truly nostalgia or do games really suck now?

    Simple question, do you think a lot of games especially sequels now suck or do you think its just nostalgia? I will simply say a lot of games released these days do suck and are done in lazy manners and here's some reasons why. #1 Updates and patches. Before internet and gaming systems were...

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