1. Isabella Ava

    Refresh Game Screen?

    Hi guys, i don't know what is the proper way to call it by Refresh Game/ Clear cache? But things are, my MV game keep slowing down over time until it turning into very lag. But once i opened the Menu, after closed it the game FPS back to normal again? ( I am not sure what cause this, maybe due...
  2. eat beans

    What RPG Maker Game has your favorite art style?

    Which RPG Maker Game do you think has the best/weirdest/most unique art style? My favorite is Hylics by Mason Lindroth.
  3. TheMutantSpaceDancer

    Strangest game you have ever played?

    Here's a question for you all, what is the most strange game you have ever played? personally for me it's Ticket by Magicdeweedo.
  4. BottleCapGames

    Nintendo Switch Discussion

    Hello everyone! So here we talk about Nintendo Switch Stuff! Or other Nintendo things! So chat! (Also, I'm a Nintendo Maniac. Don't mind me.) :kaoswt: Latest Nintendo Switch Game: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Thread Favorite Nintendo Switch Game: Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild
  5. Emanzi

    Does anyone know any RPG Maker games for iOS?

    Does anyone know any RPG Maker games for iOS iPhone/Tablet? I know there like tons of games for Android on the play store. So far the only one I know of for iPhone is "Shinobi RPG".
  6. KimiRaven

    What are your main focus in developing a game?

    Title say it all, for me it's the story plot, but what about the rest of you guys?
  7. Orb

    Bechdel test: Does your game pass it?

    In the 1985 comic Dykes to Watch Out For, two women discuss seeing a film and one of them explains that she only goes to a movie if it satisfies the following requirements: The movie has to have at least two women in it, who talk to each other, about something besides a man. That's how the...
  8. Matseb2611

    Trying to play MV games - white screen, won't start

    I've come across an issue when trying to play any game made in MV which I download from this site or another. I don't have any problem (at the moment) running MV or playtesting my own project, but whenever I try to launch someone else's game, the window just opens and hangs in a white screen. I...
  9. Hollow 1977

    Neverending Stories in Video Games

    You have probably played a game once before that for some reason either profit or personal gain that a company decided to continue the game's story even though you felt it was finished. We have seen this in movies and tv shows with old stories being retold albeit a little differently. But why...
  10. Seeking Casual/ Social Gamers to Alpha Test a Game

    Title says it all. Please drop me a message for more information! It's in the casual/ social gaming genre, if you're wondering. And it's a game that allows you to create your own "game objects" and place them in your environment. Of course, all aspects are currently in alpha test mode, which...
  11. GoodSelf

    The Lost Projects

     RPG Maker MV has been out for a while now, and I'm sure we've all had our fair share of experience with the editor, making our own games  and designing new features.   I thought I would take the time to look back at where I was back when I first started using RPG Maker, and I thought it...
  12. chungsie

    Chungsie's Worldbuilding and Backstory

    So I have been working on some literature for a project. I thought originally it would be for ACE. However, obligations in supporting my brother and being one of his few friends, I feel I need to be prepared to make 3d in games a reality. I would still use Ace, but as the mods on Webs have...
  13. UNphiltered_khaos

    Weapons & Gadgets

    Hey everybody! I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with some weapons and gadgets but I am running out of ideas. I have a stealth cloak, jet pack, rocket launcher, flame thrower, grappling hook, black hole gun, and a shield. Any ideas for gadgets or weapons? For an action battle...
  14. Edgeklinge

    Newbie here xD also an artist

    I'm an artist and can draw both digitally and traditionally. Likes to work and have worked in comic making projects and illustrations, character designs, concept arts and stuff for game developing. Also prefers 2d arts and yeah, that's why i chose to use rpg maker mv xD oh i forgot, Hi everyone!
  15. Emmel

    What is the easiest Rpg maker Game engine!!!

    Hello!!! I just started today, and I wanted to ask you a question. What is the best  RPG MAKER that is easy, and also having a unique battling system then rather having the same rpg battling. Sorry if i'm asking so much from your opinion, but it's about to be my Birthday and I don't want...
  16. ShinNessTen

    Do you trust fans to make your games better?

    I had the thinking that fans sometimes do a better job at keeping a game(series) alive than the actual developers. Now i ask you, out of curiosity: If you ever become a popular dev. with a great Videogame (series), would you let your fans get in on some of it's development? I know some...
  17. GoodSelf

    It's Board Game Night! What will you play?

    I am a huge fan of board games. A couple of years ago (after getting frustrated trying to make a video game), I decided to design my own. Since then, I've made 2 board games and have had a bi-weekly board game night ever since to play new, and exciting games! My question is: What is your...
  18. XoeXoeXoeXoeXoe


    Hello my name is Xoe, I am here to make games. I plan to focus on this heavily... I feel I won't be able to improve unless there's a hint of insanity and/or obsession. It requires an unprecedented amount of focus, to change your life. I want to change my habits. I haven't gotten much...
  19. PedroVGM

    Has anyone played this title? (Terranigma for SNES)

    Wow this title is so underrated that is hardly understandable, in fact I think this game could have been quite a good competitor for big games like tales of symphonia or kingdom hearts, this of course, if it had had way a better marketing and sequels or at least a remake. What do you guys think...
  20. Astel

    Did you get something in this Steam sale?

    Having a limited budget for my hobbies, it's nice to have the Steam sales. This would be my third sale, and i think i got a few good things... let's see... RPG Maker XP (never liked the mapping but the resources are nice) RPG Maker 2003 (just being nostalgic i guess) Batman Arkham...

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