1. Worth It?

    Is it even worth it to get RPG MAKER. There are propbably other programs that makes games finish FASTER!! Intead of taking years.... i am under 14 and I don't have ALOT of time left :( :(.. so....... plus there are volentierring hours taht pay u so.... "/ i dont know
  2. Leumas

    Mobile Gaming

    Hey, so lately I've grown more and more addicted to mobile gaming (probably because I just got my first ever phone, like, a month ago) and I was wondering if anyone else loves mobile gaming as much as me... Yeah there's Angry Birds and such that are good, but I like a lot of tower defense games...
  3. Xenophil 2.0

    Are freeform games still playable?

    So, are freeform games still playable, have we all gotten used to being lead around by quests and journal logs? Or can we go back to a simpler time when you had to find your own way, like the old school final fantasy games that, in my opinion, were some of the best. Well im making a freeform...
  4. xShaddy

    Cliche Characters, Impossible to not have?

    So I'll be short, are cliche characters impossible not to have in your RPG game. Almost every RPG character lost his parents, gains misterious power, saves the world etc, etc.. Do you feel its almost impossible to not have character like taht in certain games? I mean if it isnt RPG you porbably...

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