gameus quest system

  1. NeoShima

    How can I add synthesis menu (YEP.ItemSynthesis) if I have YEP.MainMenuManager?

    I have a problem. In my game, I have "Gameus Quest System" plugin that has to be added to the main menu with YEP.MainMenuManager, also I have YEP.ItemSynthesis, that I am using for Alchemy in my game. If I turn on YEP.MainMenuManager then "Alchemy" button disappears from the game menu, but the...
  2. Help needed! Gameus Quest System

    This is something I've been a bit puzzled on for a while now... There is a quest I want to add in the game I'm creating where the player needs to collect 3 of item x in order to complete it and progress. Item x is a drop from an enemy, but I'm not sure how to make it so that if the drop occurs...
  3. Pluto Pluto

    Making a Certain Type of Quest With Gameus' Quest System

    Big apologies if this is in the wrong thread, and sorry I would ask on the thread of the plugin itself but it's pretty old and I thought resurrecting old threads was bad to do. Anyway, Does anyone know how to make a quest with gameus quest system where you kill a certain number of enemies? ie...
  4. shadyalligator

    Gameus Quests not displaying properly?

    Hey guys! Sorry again if this is in the wrong space, but I hope I put this in the right spot. I've used Gameus Quest System in previous (unfinished) projects, but the current one I'm working on, I seem to be having issues. I can't find anything that looks different from the ones that worked...

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