1. Brigg

    var(var(n)) == var(var(n)) not working?

    I have an event that sets values to Variables 24-31. Variable 11, in this scenario, is a random number. Rather than list them individually, I made a loop that references another variable within the variable. However, I just can't seem to get it to work. I realize, listing them is technically...
  2. tvorimvsevmeste

    Can I use hash in $gameVariables? How?

  3. Jonforum

    $gameScreen.showPicture + Variable (Help)

    Hi guys. What am doing bad with this code ? !! Am try many test and search many forum // Get the level inside variable 111 (= ex:3) var LV = $gameVariables.value(111); // Add string to LV so suppos now is = "iteme1-3" var LV = "iteme1-" + LV; // show picture withe the good name...
  4. Jonforum

    undefined is no function, IF, ELSE

    hi guys what i do bad with syntax ? RPGmaker told me a undefined is no function ? tank you if ( $gameVariables.Value(118) >= 1 && $gameVariables.Value(110) == $gameVariables.Value(118) ) { $gameSwitches.setValue(31, true); } else if ( $gameVariables.Value(116) ==...

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