1. behind the scene

    is a powerful story is necessary to make a game environment joyful?
  2. 48Tentacles

    Deep Rock Galactic: Danger. Darkness. Dwarves.

    TLDR: DEEP ROCK GALACTIC is a co-op-first sci-fi FPS featuring badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters. For Steam, Xbox One and Microsoft store. Imagine Minecraft and Starship Troopers are married and made a...
  3. BertsCafe

    What are your fave Turn Based JRPGs?

    So as part of getting into the spirit of Game Dev, since my wife and I are very much into our Square Games, we decided while taking the time to learn new skills for Development (for me, it's Coding & Pixel Art and for her she's rediscovering Digital Art!) that we'd dig deep and study the various...
  4. Help me show how big the gaming community is

    Hello, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to read my post. Im currently working on a project game using rpg maker mv and have managed to get a company interested in my idea. I must create a proposal document and i need a little bit of help gathering data on the audience reach...
  5. VertigoAffliction

    Calling all 8-Bit Gamers!

    So, I find that a lot of people are talking about 'Wow! Native 4K res!' or 'Yeah! I can connect via bluetooth!' or some other form of modernized gaming that I just don't get the hype. But I do understand when someone talks about Super Mario, or Tetris, or Legend of Zelda... What are some of...
  6. Hollow 1977

    VR Gaming

    VR's been out for a couple of years and looks interesting but I ask you all here. Is it worth the price? Which VR system is your favorite? Could rpgmaker titles end like this in the future? Which games do best in VR?
  7. MobileSuitSonic

    Finally got around to playing FF1 on Mobile.

    In order to bust up the writers block on my project, it was suggested that I play a game from start to finish. As such, I went with the original FINAL FANTASY game's mobile update (it is said that it improves the shortcomings of the original NES version). Currently up to the Elf country and the...
  8. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga [Steam]

    You can purchase the full game or try the FREE Demo on Steam: itch.io: https://golden-unicorn-gaming.itch.io/astoria-the-holders-of-power-saga Description Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga is a charming RPG with an epic, twisting story, containing intricate characters and cinematic...
  9. djDarkX

    My budget PC (with progress report)

    So, over the last few months, my friends here on RMW, and some of you who saw my status as well, knew I was working on building a new PC. Well, I finally finished. It's a glorious triumph of quiet operation and good specs, while not breaking the bank, so to speak. So here's how it went and to...
  10. Runako

    What Are Your Thoughts ---> Christian-Based Gaming (pictures included)

    As I'm working currently on a Christian-Based RPG for RPG maker MV, I'm highly interested in what the community thinks about Christian video games (by Christian, I mean, games geared specifically toward Christian audience, with bible verses, etc.). What are your thoughts? I get a lot of...
  11. Hollow 1977

    Gaming Dreams

    Okay we have probably all done this. Your are playing this awesome video game and it feels so real only to wake up and realize it was only a dream. I usually dream about zelda games and mario games and sometimes regular rpgs. The 3d for the dream is breath-taking and blows any system or pc out...
  12. Seeking Casual/ Social Gamers to Alpha Test a Game

    Title says it all. Please drop me a message for more information! It's in the casual/ social gaming genre, if you're wondering. And it's a game that allows you to create your own "game objects" and place them in your environment. Of course, all aspects are currently in alpha test mode, which...
  13. Corfaisus

    Retro games on Steam

    With the release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection, it's raised a question in my heart: if there was any game from back in the day that we could have brought back, what would it be? For me, I think some classic Castlevania would be a welcome inclusion, namely Dracula's Curse (if only because...
  14. GoodSelf

    "Done with Games"

    So my room mate recently said to me that he was "done with games". This is so strange to me - it's almost like saying "I'm done watching movies" or "I'm done reading books". I guess you could chalk this up to games being the "black sheep" of the entertainment industry, but the concept of...
  15. vidvi

    Need FREE music for your game? Download my recently released RPG Music Pack!

    After months of work in my spare time (and some very positive feedback on the Indie Game Developers Facebook Page), I'm proud to present my RPG Music Pack! The goal of this pack was to capture the style of old JRPGs that I grew up with, while also modernizing the sound. You can download the FREE...
  16. Character doesn't load where I place them.

    So I built a location using paralaxing maps. I am using the Binding Picture plugin to bind the image onto the map. I am also using Yanfly's Restriction tiles to allow characters to move around. The problem is the following: When I load the map, the starting point is a few spaces away from...
  17. Trjstan

    Will there ever be a Steam version?

    I'd buy it if there came a Steam ver.
  18. Fire Emblem:Awakening Pairing help

    Hi! I would like some help in getting my couples set up in FA, but I'm having a hard time. The ones that I have right now is: MU and Lucina Olivia and the father of Lucina Ricken and Lissa The hex user and Donnel (the village) And maybe Gregor and the female Mage Sorry, I forgot some of...
  19. hian

    The depth of protagonists VS antagonists

    So lately I've been thinking a lot, and breaking down/analysing narratives, and one thing that has struck me is how under-developed heroic characters often are comparatively to the villains. Before you object, just hear me out here - Is it not the case, with the exception of...
  20. Abhilash

    RPG Makers are flooding Gaming Industry

    (No Offence intended for RPG Maker and Steam Community) I had conversation with my friend ,I told him that I am using RPG Maker for building a game :)  . He said something that made me worried. :(   Is he right?  :O Are RPG Makers flooding the Gaming Industry with worthless games? ...

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