1. kR1pt0n1t3

    MV Gate - Stone Arch

    So as I was working on my castle map I noticed there's no stone arch for the mv big door and I couldn't find one online so I made one for myself. Castle Tileset is from XP RTP default tileset while the big door/gate graphics are from mv. While the default doesn't look that bad, I think with the...
  2. EmmaB

    EmmaB's MV RTP Edits

    Latest Resource: Storybook RTP Generator - Male Hi everyone, Welcome to my resource thread! I've been doing lots of different edits to MV's RTP and decided I'd share them with you all. Hopefully, you can find something useful for your games! :rhappy: Terms of Use: ~ Must own a legal version of...
  3. wariolandgoldpiramid

    [MV Sprite] Need custom doors

    I need a few custom sprites of doors and gates. A metal gate that is one tile wide and 2 tiles tall. Something like #5 in this image would be nice. It also needs to have a lock on the right side, and the gate needs to open inside and left. It should not turn invisible when opened, but look...
  4. Johan86

    Johan's MV stuff! (Updated 11/02/2018) (Added Castle Walls)

    Hello everyone! Here is a thread with all the resources I've edited or created for MV so far... Updated 11/02/2018: Added Castle Walls Updated 05/01/2018: Added Game-Icons-Net Iconset for MV Updated 20/10/2017: Added Wooden Fence Updated 08/10/2017: Added Extra Fence Updated 28/06/2017: Added...
  5. Johan86

    More Big Gates!

    Hi all! I did some recoloring on my previous Big Gate edits... These are also free for commercial & non-commercial use! Here are the gates: ...and here is the recolored gate frame tile: ...and thats all for now! I really hope you find them useful!
  6. Johan86

    Big Gate

    Hello everyone! I made some edits on the rpg maker mv default Gate 1 and I wanted to share, in case anyone needs a bigger gate! I also made a tile that maches the gate's new proportions... Its free for commercial & non-commercial use of course! I hope you like it!
  7. Phonantiphon

    Animated Gate

    RESOURCE TYPE : Animated Gate - (tile\event) MAKER FORMAT : VX Ace ART STYLE : VX Ace RTP DESCRIPTION : I'm looking for an animated gate in the style of the pale wood-coloured fencing found in the VX Ace RTP tileset. I completely accept there may already be one but I can't find it...
  8. imascribble

    Decorative Gate?

    Hey! So I'm sure I saw one somewhere ages ago, but I can't find it anywhere. I'm looking for a decorative metal gate, the kind that would be used as the entrance to a graveyard or a park. Like this one! I don't care what it looks like, though It doesn't need to open or close, so I can use...

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