1. guking

    RMMZ Gathering Tools like ABS

    Hello guys! I'm moving my project from ACE to MZ* and I'm missing somethings that I had for ACE already. I'm making a game focused in gathering resources and refining them. I have a ABS for ACE that has a "tool" feature, where I could use to gather items (ie. using a axe to cut wood or a pick...
  2. casper667

    [CSCA] Gathering

    CSCA Gathering By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 6/2/2013 Latest Version: 1.0 Allows you to easily set up and populate your world with gathering nodes. Customize everything from respawn time, to rare finds and an item tier system! Use events with just 1 event command to create nodes on the map...
  3. Siletrea

    trying to create "Habitarium" like game

    hello! I've just gotten a copy of MV from a good friend of mine after I found I could not create what I wanted in earlier versions of RPGMaker so I'm hoping since MV is new and lots of people love it that I may be able to get some tips,suggestions,help and/or advice for my project! now this may...
  4. Problems with the wait event

    First off, sorry if this is the wrong thread. I'm new to the site. Second, I need some help, whether it be an simple fix or a script. I'm making a game strongly based off gathering resources, and I want them to respawn over time using the wait command, but I've noticed an issue. Once you've...
  5. BonnieLass

    Respawning Resources Trouble

    So I want to create a resource gathering system where the resources respawn after a certain number of days, which are kept track of via a variable. I'm stumped as to how to do this though. My solution to the problem is a failure. Basically I set up a system where when a resource is gathered the...
  6. YvetteJene

    Harvesting/Gathering System Without Multiple Variables

    Gathering System with No Variables Hello, everyone! After MV came out, I had been on the lookout for gathering and crafting systems and plugins for this specific editor. I came across this thread on Mining, Smelting, & Synthesis by Syndicate (which was super helpful,) and used it as a...
  7. Sn0wCrack

    SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    SnowMV - Simple Gathering v2.3.1 by Sn0wCrack Introduction Simple Gathering is a way to easily setup an item gathering event, including requirements for gathering (such as Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels, etc.) and highly customisable odds based upon what you are gathering and what tools you...
  8. PYRG


    Hi Forums, nice to see you again! I'm looking to take a basic crafting system (speaking broadly, I haven't selected one because there are so many) that has experience/levels or making my own and changing it to be slightly more profession-y.  I want to be able to add gathering as a profession...
  9. MiracleMare

    Eventing Question: Map re-entering takes precidence over wait commands?

    I've been reading around and noticed that events that have already run will 'refresh' so to speak once you return to a map... How can I get around an event refreshing without Exiting event processing or erasing the event?... Say, maybe making it wait a certain amount of time before running...
  10. lloydsmith

    Making interact-able event images stand out.

    Greetings, I am faced with a conundrum at the moment, and I would like to see if anyone can help me solve it. How can you make events, or objects in the game visually look like they can be interacted with to obtain items to the player. This may sound confusing, but its kind of hard to explain...

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