1. Geeguz

    RMMV Moghunter chrono engine increase ct bar width?

    Can't tell if I'm missing something somewhere in the parameters, I've been screwing around with moghunters chrono engine to make a Zelda like battle system and after making custom art for the hud and gauges I realized I have no idea how to control the more specific variables of the CT bar, like...
  2. rivelle

    RMMV mjshi's Pretty Sleek Gauges plugin help!

    Is there a way to change their colors? I know it's not in the parameters, but I was hoping someone knows if I can code them in somehow? I'm talking about this plugin:
  3. lazysmoke

    Custom images for HP and MP bars?

    Looking this up, I can only find Shaz's pixel art bars plugin, which is nice, but I'm not utilizing pixel art. Instead of default bars: I'm trying to use something more hand drawn like this (intentionally messy and penciled btw): Is there a plugin that does this? I can't seem to find one...
  4. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ Gauges plugins

    Good morning. I'm making a stealth game and there's something I would like to add during the battles, some unique gauges for some characters. Like this one: A gauge that shows a character's current ammo for four different weapons (This example it's just a sketch) I want that those numbers...
  5. maliyana

    RMMV Fully customizable Battle Status Menu that works well with Custom Gauges

    I'm trying to find at least two plugins that can do what I want for battle statuses: A battle status plugin that allows to completely change every aspect of the window. Essentially, I should be able to change the bars' placement and size, remove displayed text and values, etc. The other...
  6. ReeledTiedBTH

    Fishing Plugin?

    So...I saw this video called Gauge plugin...I forgot the name. But you can use that plugin to fish. However, the video was old and it doesn't work anymore :/ So is there another easier way to make a fishing mini-game using a gauge?
  7. Almightypebble

    YEP Segmented Gauges isn't working?

    Hey everyone! So I seem to have a problem with YEP Segmented Gauges, where it doesn't seem to be working at all. All my gauges appear normal with no segments, as if there is no such plugin. Is it because I'm running MV 1.6.2 and the plugin is for 1.5.0? If that is the case is there another...
  8. OneManIndie

    Any way to fix the THICKNESS of Yanfly's Visible HP Gauges?

    anyone know how to Make Yanfly's Visible Enemy HP Bars more **THICK**? by thicker I meant making the bar less skinny. I tried changing the height and and it only makes the bar go further down the screen. Any ideas?
  9. AdamSakuru

    DreamX Battle Status Core + YEP Sectioned Gauges [sections not appearing in battle]

    Links to plugins: As the title says, when DreamX's Battle Status Core extension is used in a project also containing YEP's sectioned gauges, the sectioned gauges are not drawn in battle. I assume this is because DreamX's extension didn't take into account that sectioned gauges could also be...
  10. [MV] Affection Values

    I pretty much want to rip off of Tales of Symphonia. For those who haven't played that game, usually you have 2 or 3 dialogue choices (Like slight approvals or disapprovals towards characters), every character who isn't the protagonist has one, and the choices increase them. Eventually, if the...
  11. The_Black_Knight

    Additional Gauges/Stats

    So, is there a good way to add gauges like hp/mp/tp? What I'm specifically looking to do, is to add an armour gauge, that most attacks would target before hp, and once it's at 0 all attacks would hit hp. I could just rename mp to armour, but I would still need attacks to change the meter it...
  12. Darkstrife

    Stuck on creating a custom Barrier Gauge

    Hello, everyone. I'm not sure if this is the best spot for this question so please let me know if this is a mispost The project I'm working on utilizes the Absorption Barrier plugin by Yanfly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5cpwyqp3yryczac/YEP_AbsorptionBarrier.js?dl=0 I've done a great deal of...
  13. tammie

    I need health gauges in my menu.

    Welcome. I very much hope that, whoever you are, you are a scripter, because I am in need of help. I have a menu in my game composed of Nicke's advanced menu script, and Galv's bust menu. I have combined them then edited them slightly to work for me. Since I cannot send you the edits directly...
  14. mjshi

    Pretty Sleek Gauges

    From Vlue's Sleek Gauges and Rocketmancer's Prettier Gauges, comes... Pretty Sleek Gauges v1.03e by mjshi- OK for use in all projects with credit Get it here! (direct link) Sleek Gauges! Look at them go, so shiny, so cool. And they're even better when you can change what they look like and...
  15. Naveed

    Navash Flat Value Gauge Sections (YEP_SectionedGauges Addon)

    Navash Flat Value Gauge Sections Latest Version: v1.00 Introduction and Features: This is an extension plugin for Yanfly's Sectioned Gauges Plugin. This plugin allows for gauge sections to have flat values instead of dividing the gauge into a set number of parts. For example, you can set HP...
  16. zerobeat032

    Starting a simple custom HP, MP, TP gauges plugin

    hey everyone... i'm new to this JavaScript stuff, but thanks some reading and tutorials, i'm slowly learning a few things. I'd like to know what a good starting point would be for making my own bars for my project. I've done some simple edits to things like the menu but i'm not sure where to...
  17. Mr. Trivel

    Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges Created: 2016-03-23 Version: 1.2   What does it do? Increases colors used for HP MP TP gauge.   Gif:   How to use? Set up plugin parameters and done.   Plugin: <Link: Github>...
  18. PhoenixX92

    Vertical TP Bars/Gauges

    I'm not sure where to find script requests on the forums here, but I have a request. I've sat here and read through all the scripts, looking for somewhere that I can change the direction the HP/MP/TP gauges are going. I'm using YanFly Core Engine&Battle Engine, so can anyone recommend a script...
  19. McSundae

    McSundae's Enhanced Battle System - pretty gauges, faces, different window styles & borders

    Hi guys, its me again. I got another plugin for you guys to use in your games. I know, i released the last plugin yesterday, im kinda getting into this ;-) What does this Plugin do? It gives you bigger gauges, different colors at the gauges - this also also takes effect at the menu...

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