1. MV Character design : Fuse/Miximo, Daz3D vs GCH vs Spriter vs Daz3D vs MakeHuman

    Hello, I spent 197 hours to discover RPG Maker MV and try things, now I'd like to have a custom design for my characters. I'm not much into "chibi" cute design, more into standard characters like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Context : 9/10 project organization (my job), 7/10 web dev (my old...
  2. Kemezryp

    GCH: Portfolio Edition - How can I add own parts to the generator?

    Hey! I made some parts that I want to use in GCH:PE but this is confusing for me. So I made part for battler image. It has to remove player's eyes and it should work well but it seems like generator thinks this is 
  3. PhoenixX92

    The axe in the XP styles position...

    Is the axe supposed to be almost stationary? I've been looking at this for about 5 minutes now, and I don't quite understand what it's supposed to be doing, lol. Is it supposed to basically hover beside of your sprites? Its handle is outside of your arms and going straight down when your...
  4. NeoFantasy

    Face needed to be remade into Rtp or kaduki/anime style

    Hey guys, so this character is very important to the plot of my game and I really really need a face for her that wouldn't look out of place with what i'm currently using (a mix of Kaduki and a bit of rtp) so can someone remake me her face in either kaduki or rtp style. I only need one...
  5. Kalin

    Newbie questions after buying Humble Bundle

    I just bought the Humble Game Making Bundle, and now I have a bunch of questions as I try to decide which parts to keep and which to gift to other people. 1. I know that having the full version of Ace gives me a license to use the RTP in my games. Do I have permission to use all the RTPs, or...
  6. Dirge

    Dirge's Free Stuff! (Newest: Animation Pack 1)

    Hey guys! I'm back, with more stuff! My old, legacy VXA stuff is now separated from MV things! Everything I post here is made by me, from scratch, and is free for both commercial and non-commercial use as long as I'm credited. Sound effects pack number one: Eleven shiny new sound...
  7. FeaR616

    Game Character Hub Ressources?

    Hi, I hope this is the right place. I use the Game Character Hub to create some sprites but due to the limited amount of hairs, clothes, armors etc. they all look kinda same.. I have a simple question: are there some more ressources to add or to use with the Game Character Hub?? maybe...
  8. Artificer


    Game Character Hub NEW: 100+ Game Character Hub items! :popcorn: This hurts me a lot, because I want to sell this stuff… :headshake: but since I am going to use RPG MV since now :guffaw: and because I love the forum B) , and probably the people wouldn’t buy it (not enough good...
  9. Marquise*

    Game Character Hub Tutorials required!

    All right!  I got a gift from someone of the Game Character Hub and to work a sprite from scratch from there I have no problems. The problems arise while doing the followings; importing a full sheet of sprites with a set of 8 characters or moving items, because I can't quite know how to...

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