1. Gilles

    GDT Enemies use Items [v1.0 - 2019/09/08]

    Introduction The RPG Maker MV allows Enemies to use Skills, but not to use Items. Why should they use Items? Items can be used a limited times. For Example: If a bird monster has a stone in it's claws it may drop it into you. Even if it still has many HP left. Enemies with Bows can have a...
  2. Gilles

    [GDT] Event Timers

    GDT: TimeEvents v1.0   Introduction   This plugin allows you to set timers for an event. After the timer has passed a selfSwitch of this event is changed to ON or OFF (what you need). Plugin Commands * timeevent %timeToPass% %selfSwitchToSetOn% %useGameTime% * * - timeToPass: How much...
  3. Gilles

    GDT Core Utility - Lunatic Tags Parser, Better Notetag Parser

    GDT: Core v1.0   Introduction This plugin provides some useful Tag Parsing Features and a useful command for selfswitches. This plugin will be extended with Utility Features. Notetags Parser (built in. Nothing to do) The standard parser allows only one tag of the same kind in one...
  4. Gilles

    GDT Elements Leveling

    GDT: Elements Leveling v1.5   Introduction   This plugin gives your characters the possibility to level up their elements by using skills of this element. Leveling up elements can give you two advantages: Skills of this element get stronger Learn better Skills of this element (or...
  5. Gilles

    GDT: Message Window - Item Information

    GDT: Message Window -  Item Information   Introduction   This plugins allows you to write Item Informations in the Message Window via \Item You use it in the following way: \Item[itemId, itemProperty] The above example pic will output this: The following properties can be...

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