1. save the given gender in a variable [VisuMZ_1_ElementStatusCore]

    hello I am looking for a command to be able to do a full scan skill. I use VisuStella MZ plugins, including VisuMZ_1_ElementStatusCore, and I would like to save the given gender in a variable i use var target = BattleManager._target; $gameVariables.setValue(7, target.gender)...
  2. Gender variables within dialogue

    Hello all, After failing miserably to write a script myself, I come to you for help. For localisation purposes I want to support gendered dialog. For English, there is of course no issue, but some languages have gendered verbs, adjectives and nouns... As it would increase the amount of dialog...
  3. Animebryan

    Need a Gender Plugin

    Need a Gender plugin that serves the following purposes; 1) Set Equipment to be (Gender) Only, similar to the Dragon Quest series, where there are plenty of Female-only armor. 2) Skills that work only on a specific gender. After all, Charm is a default state. One would think Charm would only...
  4. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】Character Customization

    Tutorial topic: how to let the player customize their character (hence the title) Brief description Even if I'm not into tutorials about something an extension/studying documentation could do just fine, I've recieved an offer for doing this, so… here comes nothing. Check this tutorial if you'd...
  5. ShadowMeowth

    Gender-based text depending on the choice at the beginning.

    Hey there! Pleased to meet you all. Well, I am new to the community, and I have been toying around with RPG Maker MV to try create something. The thing is, I am next to incultured in programming language and scripts and variables and anything involving maths, and here I am struggling with an...
  6. Rinobi

    Actor Generator

    Actor Generator by: Rinobi Create randomly generator actors with a great deal of customization. This script includes gender, personality, and stat settings. See script header for details, and screenshots for example use.
  7. Gender Scripting

    I want an rpg game where the player chooses to play as male or female. However, I am unsure how characters would refer to the character as male or female. For example, character's siblings talks about them (you the player) to other NPC; how do I make it where they refer to them as by your...
  8. MaverickHunterDBoy

    [RPG Maker XP Script Request] Adding Sex and Race to character

    Hey... I was wondering if there were scripts to add to the character database the sex and race of a character. Basically a drop-down box in the database thing to determine if a character is male or female (or unknown), and what race the character is (human, elf, dwarf, etc). Why?  Well...
  9. Gender Functions scripting help?

    Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to RPGMaker and I've been immersing myself in tutorials to learn how to do everything.  I'm starting to try working with scripts but this is the hardest part for me because I have no programming or coding background at all. I recently downloaded a script by...
  10. bikourbow

    A character customization system in IG Maker

    Alright, Sooo.. I've been tinkering aeay at this and I thought it was time I showed you guys some things I've discovered to be possible in IG maker. As I've shown in the screenshots, this system allows for someone to choose which features their character will have, then play a zelda like IG...
  11. Shinma

    What do you think the gender of this actor is?

    So the other day a friend and I were discussing the gender of this actor. (Actor 2, 0). What do you think, male or female?
  12. Alkorri

    Pink! Why does it have to be pink!?

    I feel somewhat silly posting this, but it's been gnawing at me for a few days now. Itty bitty brain worms nibbling in my subconscious and I happily go on with my life until I see the one thing that triggers it again and my brain goes, RAR this is not right! [Rant Warning] That trigger? I'm...
  13. Xahem

    Custom name & face in textbox?

    I am using RPG Maker VX Ace. At the start of my game you choose gender, class and type your name. For both genders there is different graphics. How do I use the correct face graphics and the custom name in a textbox? And possibly the class you choose? I am going to use underlines to make this...
  14. Gender Face Graphic? URGENT!

    I need help i have created a game and at the start you have the choice of male or female i want to make it so if you pick female it has female face graphic in text the whole way through and same with male PLEASE HELP!

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