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  1. Momonica

    Be honest: would you play a rpg maker 2k3 game?

    So, I have a project of my own and have no intention of stoping development, but I have a question for the community. The first rpg maker engine i got was 2k3 early this year, I wanted to get this one because i didn't know if i was indeed going to make a game and was curious more than anything...
  2. Kristina

    What does a demo need?

    Not entirely sure if this is the correct place, if not then I'm sorry. According to you, what do a demo need? I'm asking because now I have played some demos and one was of one location that you needed to bear and another started at the beginning of the game and ended after the first boss...
  3. ShyChangling

    Game Rating?

    Now I know alittle bit about how rating works. E games are those for everyone pg-13/T is for teens and up ectra. How ever. Cause of the way my brain works I can never truely tell when a game should be a different rating. Does implying certain trauma happens make a story a different rating...
  4. ShyChangling

    Credits and how to remember them

    So I have been thinking. "Credits are probably one of the most important part to do before releasing a game." And while I'm super new and have been using Yanfly's credit pluggin to keep track of credits and who's resources Im using. I was wondering how other people keep track of their credits...
  5. Dragon Brother

    Your opinion is requested.

    Greetings, RPGM forums I am here to ask You, the forumites, what they would like to see in this project of mine, the Armymen Tactical Role playing Game, this is just a poll so please message me with Your opinion or ideas and when I get results, I will post them on My page here at the RPGM...

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