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  1. Im finally starting my adventure. Hope to see ya there :)

    Hey there guys. Names Mikey (big surprise). Brand spanking new to this community and looking to finally bring an idea to life that ive had for the better part of 10 years sitting and collecting dust. Over the years ive been writing scenario/concept/lore/mechanical ideas...ect ect...and just...
  2. Elliott404

    How to attract audience into liking your game?

    I know this might be a dumb question but, as someone who is working on RPG maker project for the 1st time (well, more like experimenting on it for a year), it got my curiosity. . . What contents do audience seek in a game, beside visuals, regardless of its rate (be it Mature, or Every age)...
  3. NinjaKittyProductions

    How do you start a game...

    Hey gamers, I thought I would try and get to know some backgrounds on how you all start making a game. Do you start with a basic idea? Do you start with story you have been working on? Do you see something in another video game and think "that looks awesome! I could totally do something like...
  4. cddeat03

    Music Feedback

    Hello! I'm looking for feedback on my music so I can improve my skills and make better game music. I've only done the music for one small game called "Crowns and Pelts" and I only had about 3 days to do the music for it. I'm still pretty new to writing the music for a game, so any feedback you...
  5. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

    Which Music Maker You Use

    Tell me how  you compose your music⌚???????
  6. Sausage_Boi

    "This is not a day care. This is a university!" This is amazing! I must express my support for this University president because he is exactly right. The University is supposed to prepare your mind for the real world. Get you ready to handle the adult world and help...
  7. Sausage_Boi

    My Life in the Fast Food Industry (Including the weirdos, the jerks and the downright cool people I

    I had an interesting time. How about you all? Any experiences in the world of Service? (I will make this a little more thorough in a little bit... I am learning some Ruby, but I had seen a request for this.)
  8. What advances Would We See In The Next Version Of Rpg Maker?

    this is a general discussion of what sort of content you would like to see in the next version of rpg maker whenever enterbrains decide to release it
  9. Re Music Creation

    Global moderators please feel free to move this topic to the correct place to everyone what music creation tool do you use for your rpg vx ace projects?
  10. Korimax

    General RPG Maker Questions that don't need their own thread

    Hello RPG Maker Community, recently I've found myself with some questions, questions that are extremely simple and that don't necessarily need their own thread. I felt the need to start this thread after noticing that on occasion some people (myself included), ask questions in their status...
  11. 22pepperjack

    Do Copyright's carry over to a Remix?

    so it's basically as the title says, but anyways, I'm wanting to add an "easter egg" into my game that involves a certain legend of zelda song playing in the background. i plan on selling this game possibly, so i know that i cant have the original zelda song in the game due to copyright. but is...

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