1. General Help/Guidance

    Hello everybody! I'm working on a very ambitious project in RPG Maker MV and I have no idea where to even start. I've begun with composing some tracks, doing concept art, and writing the story, but I have no idea where to even start when it comes to actually programming things in this...
  2. Sajai-D-Halo

    Is Sharing Videos of Early Development Useful?

    Hey everyone, I recently finished the rough draft of the first 15 minutes for my dungeon crawler. It's far from the final product but I was wondering if it'd be a good idea to grab thoughts from folks regarding its current direction. I made a video of me playing through it, thinking it'd be a...
  3. Kaffle777

    General Questions

    1.How to add a second floor to a building? 2. How to add dialogue to a certain time and place? 3. How to make a simple puzzle? 4. How to make a cutscene? 5. How to put characters in a boat? 6. How to create a moving scenery? 7. How to put special skills onto your main character? 8. How to add...
  4. Isabella Ava

    How does a RPGMV game recognize its Save file?

    Hi there, i wonder how does a RPGMV game recognize its Save file? I had saved my game, then change the project title, some system terms, some items, and then tried to load the old save file before. It loaded just very fine... well, so? What does a RPGMV game check to know if a Save file is its...
  5. General Battler

    I know someone did a Sprite battler set for The General (character) for yanfly's animated enemies. the General. But for the life of me I cant find the original post. Could someone point me in the right direction. I know its out there.
  6. AlwaysPrinceLeo

    Returning Characters or A New Cast?

    Let's say- hypothetically- a game you guys REALLY enjoyed is coming out with a sequel! Of course depending on the plot of the sequel, deciding whether to have new characters or not is limited. Let's say the sequel is going to take place approximately 20 years in the future. The original cast...
  7. Lord Vectra

    How to do Expansions :)

    I know a lot of people are wondering how to work expansions. There is some limitation to this which will be explained later in the tutorial, but depending on what you want, its a good idea. How to get your game ready for expansions Make 2 copies(or more) of the game. 1 is going to be THE game...
  8. LxCharon

    Favorite Video Game Design Learning Sources

    Being as most of us are game designers here I was wondering what sources you use to learn about video game design? I mostly use Youtube, but I do read a number of articles as well. Do you try to learn about game design or do you just wing it? I'm so very interested not only in creating games...
  9. Discussing Parallax mapping

    Hey everyone, so, I'm pretty new to Rpg Maker, but I've noticed not many people like parallax mapping.  My idea was, create parallax maps to somewhat fit the 32x32 default grid, then mark walls and non-passable areas with script using regions.  Yes, if I intend to go for repetitive...
  10. DamianCastaway

    About Micro transactions

    So I know this has become quite a problem with most games recently as they've been making their games pay-to-win via micro transactions. For those who are not familiar with micro transactions, they are in-game stores where the user pays real money to get in-game assets. Games like Maplestory...
  11. Sausage_Boi

    Living in a Democracy

    It is often (incorrectly) stated that the American political machine is run by a Democractic system. We, the People, choose a Figurehead for our great society and bestow upon them certain powers. So let me ask you this: As an individual, do you have the right to harm your neighbor? As...
  12. Sausage_Boi

    What makes a map "Good"?

    I read a lot about good mapping and bad mapping, but I never see any real substance as to what makes a map either good or bad. So, I was wondering about the general mood of you, as players, what makes a map good? What makes a map bad? For me, I am only really picky about big maps with either A)...
  13. Korzara

    Making Demo Reviews + Interviewing People On The Forums.

    I'm going start a Interview series and I need some people to interview. (I got this idea from watching a Podcast that I follow and wanted to dip my foot in the water of something similar.) So if you want to do an interview and perhaps gain some publicity for your yourself and also have a good...
  14. TheReboot

    Anyone Else...Let Down by MV?

    So, I download the trial for MV, because for 80$ I wanted to know what I was buying. And, well, I was let down. Hard. Now, let me begin this by saying I went into this completely intent on buying this software and came out of it ...truely not interested in the content they "added" to the...
  15. Simon D. Aelsi

    Neon Black's Project Destroyer! (POSTED WITH PERMISSION)

    Soon, gone will be the days of VX Ace. To celebrate (Or.... drown our sorrows), NEON BLACK has created the handy dandy PROJECT DESTROYER. Author: Neon Black Script: Project Destroyer Version: 1.0 Purpose: Deletes everything in the game folder. *WARNING DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY...
  16. Redweaver

    Tutorial Town 2

    Hello, friends, and welcome to the next Tutorial Town! In the first series (Click Here) we made a game using the default editor and had loads of fun doing it. In this new series, we're starting totally from scratch. Deleting the database, importing as many new resources as we can make use of...
  17. Keniisu

    The RPG Creator Podcast | Episode 2 is Out!

    Hi!  :)   I am planning to start a podcast where I interview people who are currently working on their own game in the community. I decided to post this thread to see if anybody would be interested in either watching or coming on to do an show. The only rules I have are... Only people with...
  18. Reflection: Roak's story

    The story: You play as Roak Ess or Aya Blackwood in Reflection. They meet many strange people on the way, all on the run from one man. Roak and Aya deal with their hardships as they work to Regain Roak's memories, and get Aya back home. As they meet one new face after another, the story unfolds...
  19. TheReboot

    What Is Your Most Prized Possession?

    My most prized possession is my Xbox 360 controller. It came with my first Xbox 360 (which was from that first batch with the RROD issues) and is now 10 years old. My great-grandmother bought it for me as a surprise, just because she loved me and knew what I enjoyed (I love my great-grandmother...
  20. Sausage_Boi

    Touched by the Angel (Of Death)

    Has anyone else had any close encounters with Azrael? I had seen Ikari's post about nearly being run over, and it reminded me of the time I have been in near fatal situations, including: Waking up to my room on fire, FILLED WITH SMOKE. I didn't even have a smoke detector, so it was pure luck...

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