1. MZ character generator

    Hello!, I am new to RPG MAKER MZ and I would like to know how I can add accessories and clothes or if there is a character generator that someone has already made for MZ and where I can find it. I really have a lot of faith in this show and I know I can do something great. Thanks.

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Is RPG Maker VX (rgss2) still relevant? xD

Something about top-downs.
I have never felt so attacked by a tree before :LZSlol: it took 10++ hours to make but at least it looks pretty LOL

now seems like the worst time for me to need a better computer with how much stuff is costing. that and I don't thing there's much else I can do to make MV run any better with what I have.
Sigh... to have some variety in this weather. More than just sun and rain and wind and thunder.
In the meantime, I've discovered that I'm slowly becoming fatigued from the many sleepless nights my neighbors cause. Or at least their dogs. Always barking at something.
I might need a day to just sleep and recharge.

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