generator accessories

  1. Aussieportal

    Stick in the mouth Generator Part

    Hello all. Aussieportal here. I've been making characters up for my little project, and I'm looking for parts in a generator. Specifically, one where there is a blade of grass or a twig in the mouth of the character. Is there a particular resource that has this? I've looked through the...
  2. Can I add same MV generator material in both accessory 1 & 2 ?

    Because of overlapping items, I want adding an item to Accessory A which originally belongs to Accessory B in MV generator. I renamed all of them but when I picked item in Accessory A tab, the character didn't change and the RPG maker MV suddenly paused. The original item in Accessory B tab...
  3. Xina

    RMMV Generator Parts - Headlamp

    This is the first time I've ever made or attempted to share a generator part. Please forgive any mistakes. Free to use in commercial or non-commercial. Credit is appreciated but not required.
  4. Areiliu

    Extra generator faces?

    I'm a noob at rpg maker, but I have rpg maker mz and in the character generator there are only 7 faces for the female character, and 12 for the male. After making lots of npc faces in my game, the base faces have gotten really stale. Is there any generator faces that you can purchase or...
  5. Journey_Sticks

    "Project Robo-Gen" Robotic generator parts

    This is a very ambitious undertaking, but I am attempting to fully repopulate the generator with robot bits and pieces. I am creating some from scratch, some are edits to rtp content. I will be posting some of them here just to see how much interest there is. These are to be credited to Kadakowa...
  6. Looking for a choker generator part (MV)

    I really liked Yunary's (also Kadokawa) choker generator part under "new accessories for neck." However, it just looks a bit funny and out of place when I tried it out on my character. I'm looking for a recommendation for an existing free resource of other neck accessories or specifically...
  7. Zgana

    Generator Parts not Loading

    Hi! I know this is a pretty common issue for newbies like myself, but I've been trying to follow tutorials (renaming files before copying into the generator file etc.) and still can't get my new parts to load on the Character Generator... :rswt:rswt:rswt Been wanting to tear my hair out for...
  8. goldrat1

    (MV) Wizard Hat Generator part, Battler + Overworld sprite

    Hey, RPGMaker Forums. I've looked everywhere for a decent looking wizards hat (floppy, pointy hat, classic) for MV, can't seem to find any. Looking for either/both Characters and Battler parts, don't need to worry about Faces. I'm fairly sure there's one in VX or Ace or something but I haven't...
  9. Clown Makeup Request

    Resource Type: Generator parts, facial mark. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Since my project is using a lot of default assets at the moment, I'd prefer if it resembled the style of the default assets. Your original art style is welcome however. Description: (This first sentence is gonna make so...
  10. JaeJaeCee

    Comedy and Tragedy Masks- Generator

    resource type: Generator accessory piece maker: MV specifics: please include all pieces- face, sv, tv, tvd, variant Comedy mask for female. Tragedy mask for male. Dark eye holes and mouth opening. Do not want any face visible behind the mask. Full masks, please. NOT half-masks. It is up to...

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