generator bodies

  1. sirkazu

    Hoodie Generator Part?

    Been looking for a while but can't find a generator part for just a plain, simple, hoodie. Does anyone know of one? Thanks :D
  2. White_Dreams

    Skeleton Generator Part

    Don't know if anyone has done this. But since I did it, might as well share it. These are not mine. Merely edited them to fit the Generator. The resources used here are from; Chalkdust, & AlephNull All credits goes to the respected Creators! Download: Note: - Much useful...
  3. Making my own Generator Parts

    Hello, I was able to make my own Sprite Walking image and add it into the Generator files. It looks cool. I modified an image to make a snake body and filed it under TV_Clothing (along with a TV_Clothing_c file too). That on its own wouldn't work, so I copied files for another clothes type...
  4. ArgonianSam

    How to get rid of "padding" between sprites?

    I apologize if this is the wrong thread. I'm trying to get a new side-view sprite set to work in the generator but it wont overlap with the hair, face, or clothing because the spacing between sprites is larger than normal. How would I go about closing the gaps between the sprites? I attached...
  5. ArgonianSam

    How to switch bodies in the MV generator?

    I recently picked up a sprite set so I could make a lamia party member, but so far I haven't been able to figure out how to change the generator files so that body shows up instead of the normal one. I move that file in and the normal body out int a storage file and all that did was make the SV...
  6. ArbitraryGuy's Generator Parts for Non-humans

    I am making generator bodies and parts for non-human actors in RPG Maker MV. TO DO LIST 1) Skeletons  2) Orcs 3) Minotaurs 4) ...? TERMS OF USE - Please credit ArbitraryGuy. - For use for non-commercial games only. - To use, you must own RPG Maker MV INSTRUCTIONS...

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