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  1. StardustPiggly

    Stardust Piggly's Resources

    Terms of Use Free to use and modify as long as credited. Free for commercial use as well. If you're looking for a more polished and detailed gacha for MV @dragoonwys made some really nice ones. Just don't forget to read up and follow their terms of use :LZSproud: Download Flat top...
  2. Request : MV Generator parts female afro curly hair

    Hi makers, it's me again... I'm looking for TV and SV generator parts of afro curly haircut (reference pic below). Does anyone has something like that or knows where I could find it ? It's for a main character so I need SV and TV and colorable but I make the faces myself. Thx a lot for your...
  3. Zayriel

    ThePyramidOfDoom Generator Hair edits

    I stumbled upon this generator pack on DeviantArt, and really dug the Rear Hair parts: The problem is it's missing a couple of the views (SV and TVD), so I decided to fill in those blanks myself! NOTE...
  4. "Ahoge(frizz/cowlick(?))" Parts for Male in generator?

    I can not find any generator material for this issue but It is necessary part for my characters... Just like below: Can someone help me for this issue? Thanks.
  5. Madre_Joshua

    Help with Hair in the Generator?

    Nevermind. Problem irrelevant now.

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