generator parts

  1. dreamfall887

    Looking for weapon generator parts (VX ACE)

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know where I can find sword/staff/shield/bow and arrow generator parts for RPG Maker VX ACE? They make it look like the sprite has their weapon sheathed or carrying their weapon? I remember finding some weapon generator parts awhile ago but I cannot remember who made...
  2. dreamfall887

    lord_steak's Sari's and Bindi Generator Parts

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has a copy of lord_steak's sari generator parts? The download link in the post doesn't work. Thanks! :)
  3. NeilColl

    Character Builder/Generator

    Hi Everyone, I recently made a character generator tool because I needed a good way to make many characters for my upcoming indie game. I didn't like the default RPGMaker style sprites and found it a lot of work to use arbitrary resource packs provided online, or found they didn't have as much...
  4. Lu_

    Lu's MV Resources

    :LZSangel:Lu's MV Resources:LZSangel: I just want to share my work with you guys. I am new to pixeling so don't expect something professional. I really appreciate your opinion about my sprites and feel free to give me some advices! :LZSproud: If you got any questions feel free to write me a...
  5. Anyone

    [TAB] The Tall Adult Body Generator Project (V0.9 Beta released)

    DLC Pack 1 "Fat Merchant" (People1_5) added Update 1 for v.91 uploaded Warning: You need to own the RPG MAKER MV and have the Dark Fantasy character pack to use this. Beta Version: This is a beta version. Some things may not function perfectly, the FG portrait pictures are still a work in...
  6. PhxFire


    So I need to create a dwarven city/ mine in my game and for this I need lots of dwarf NPC's... Does anyone know of anywhere with a set of Dwarf generator parts? I've seen a few on this site but nothing with any complete sets, they seem to be either just for face sheets or just for sprites. Also...
  7. ShyChangling

    Shy's Occasional customes

    Credit ShyChangling if used. I don't take requests I am very new to this! But I do take suggestions. I sometimes need very specific hair pieces but no one ever seems to have them and I get nervous asking for requests or the like. So I decided to make some myself. Why not share it right? Who...
  8. OmnislashXX

    Generator Parts and Sprites for Cat people?

    Looking for some cat people sprites. These guys come off a bit furry. Anyways, That's what I'm looking for.
  9. OmnislashXX

    Cook/CHEF'S Hat Generator Parts

    Y'know, I could have sworn that I've seen a chef's hat somewhere. Could someone direct me to that? It's a generator part.
  10. JackSmilex

    Psycho-Smile for generator

    I've been trying to find a mouth to add to the character generator, which would fit on a maniac or a psychopath, but sadly i wasn't able to find one. I need it for one of the main characters of my new project (he's got schizophrenia). I'm looking for something similar to mr. mado's smile(from...
  11. captainette777

    Tail feathers for the MV Character gen?

    I hope it's ok that I'm not using the usual format for requesting since this is a super small request: Are there generator parts for bird tail feathers? I am making a character who's apart of a humanoid bird race, and I have parts for a beak, wings, body, etc...but no tail. There are mammalian...
  12. gaymerwithnogame

    Edited male mouths for women

    I edited some of the male mouths so they fit better on the women for myself and I thought I'd upload them in case anyone else wanted them. You don't need to give credit or anything if you use them.
  13. Kanissey

    MV Generator Parts

    Hello Makers :), like you see in the title, i need some Generator Parts. I searched for long in the internet but i didn´t found good looking parts. Anyone knows good parts? For now i need: short beard, hair to the side, short hair. waiting Kanissey :D
  14. MobileSuitSonic

    Generator parts for NPCs (RMMV)

    I am trying to make some more, but a lot of the costumes come off as too "Main Character". I'm really trying to go for more peasant-looking and royal court clothes.
  15. Rhino

    Rhino's Random Resources [Updated: 1/8]

    Rhino's Random Resources ToS: Credit: Kadokawa & Rhino Usage: Free for Non-Commercial & Commercial Games Reposts: Ask first Edits: If you make any edits you'd like to share, please do so on this thread! Avoid reposting them without asking. Maker Required: RPG Maker MV Requests: I'm not currently...
  16. KaiWeWi

    Kai's resources for MV

    Hey everyone! I hope you are making good progress with all of your projects. Here are some small presents that might be useful to you. Some are my own original work, others are MV RTP edits. (If you want to use those you must have a licence of RPG Maker MV.) My original work posted in this...
  17. GolfHacker

    GolfHacker's Goodies

    GolfHacker's Goodies These are mostly RTP edits, with a few original graphics thrown in. Terms of Use Time Fantasy These are conversions of the VX Ace Generator face pieces to the Time Fantasy style. Some notes: The VX Ace RTP provides 4 different skin tones for faces. However, the Time...
  18. Failivrin

    Send in the Clowns!

    Hello community! I am hoping to include a clown/jester character in my upcoming game.  This would be a playable character, which presents a problem!  I've dug up several TV walking sprites, but I can't find any SV battle sprites or character generator parts.  Maybe I'm looking in the wrong...
  19. Blackxwolf

    Blackxwolf's Superhero Generator Parts

    Hello all, I would like to share these generator parts with you. With these, you can make your own superheroes. I hope you'll enjoy them! Terms Generator parts Download I put all files (both male and female, all sets) together. You may download them...
  20. esziaprez

    World at war Pack

    Hello, I'm trying to make generator parts and weapons for world army units. Ask me If you are interessed to use in a game.

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