generator parts

  1. esziaprez

    World at war Pack

    Hello, I'm trying to make generator parts and weapons for world army units. Ask me If you are interessed to use in a game.
  2. BigSupernova

    Looking for child character generator parts

    As you all know, the RPG Maker MV generator limits you to only one option for the child creation option and that is for a female child. I'm trying to look for parts used in the generator to create a character but for children. Problem is, I can't find anything of the sort. I am already trying to...
  3. NarikoStudios

    Generator Add ons for Characters

    Hey I'm looking for generator parts that would be used for characters in my project does anyone know where to find outfits like these four are wearing? Art is by Terrorchan I'm...
  4. Lynvia

    Lynvia's Graphics Stop - Tall Sprite and Dragon Generator Parts etc

    Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Lynvia and Kadokawa as much of this is edits of RTP, also HiddenOne for the tall sprites Non-Commercial: free Commercial: free, I'd like a free copy of your game! Repost: No, but you can put a link to this topic. Edits: allowed, but PM me. I'd like to include other...
  5. Volimance

    Naming conventions for generator parts

    Here's the situation. I'm adding a second round of generator parts to the actor generator. In the first round there were some parts that had only one "sub-part". When I added the second round of generator parts, there some with a similar name as parts in the first add, but were multipart...
  6. Black Mamba

    Anime Style Generator Parts

    Resource Type: Generator Parts Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's original Description:  is possible to someone do more of this kind of generator parts, its very cute Reference Images: 
  7. Shion Kreth

    MV thin face generator parts

    Hi, I've been looking for a generator parts pack that had different face shapes, namely ones that were more gaunt, that seem to have gotten overwritten somehow and I can't find anymore. Thanks.
  8. [MV] Era character creation

    I am working currently on a game that requires quite a bit of different eras clothing and styles so I am asking if anyone knows if these exists. If they do not and it requires work, please inform me and I'll do another in a different forum here. This is primareily for the character generator for...
  9. William JCM

    Generator parts

    Hello, RPG Maker Web community. I'm currently developing a small RM game called Dragonblood. While I used VX Ace at first, MV's character generator allowed me to (re)design some characters, and create emotion facesets easily. Thanks to that, I am now in the process of porting the game...
  10. emilywake

    EJ's Emotion Generator Parts

    Not sure if anyone will want these, but I thought it would be nice to have the emotion marks (i.e. angry) as accessories and the dumbfounded eyes you see in anime. They are free for commercial and non-commercial use. Just give credit to me under the name EJ.
  11. emilywake

    Angry Generator Part for RMMV

    I was wondering if someone can make some generator parts for yelling and angry. Here is the list: Male: yelling angry scowl pinpoint eyes Female: yelling (no lipstick) yelling (lipstick) angry scowl (no lipstick) angry scowl (lipstick) pinpoint eyes I will gladly...
  12. NarikoStudios

    Editing the Male Uniform to work for Females

    I have a tomboy in my game and was thinking she'd dress more boy like at school so I was looking to get the uniform for males able to work in the generator for the females Also I was looking to see if somebody could edit out the jacket on the female uniform sprites or the male sprites so I can...
  13. Jhin

    Futuristic / Robotic generator parts

    Hi there!! I'm working on a project that needs a few futuristic / robotic equipment for a male character. The Generator parts lacks this type of resource, so I'm here to ask if somebody could do it. I would need a few face, sv and tv sets. By the way, as inspiration I can show you some...
  14. Lars Ulrika

    Lars Ulrika's edits on the spot.

    Hi everybody! While working on my Birthday Bash project I did some edits that I thought I could share here. It's simple Rtp edits so use them wherever you want, just please don't forget to credit me :). So I did some edits for a weird forest these are simple recolors which should match-up...
  15. inujuju

    Generator SV/TV/TVD Earless Character

    Hey guys! I've noticed a few posts getting rid of ears for characters with other types of ears, mainly the beast ears, for the face but not for the sprites. I am currently working on editing the base sprites to have a version that are earless. This will take some time to get them all done, as...
  16. zergylicious

    Help need a default generator folder for RMMV... mistakes were made >.>

    Resource Type: Generator Parts Maker Format: MV Description: I want to reset my Generator folder to the default basic stuff it was before i ever added anything to it. Some of my file names are overlapping or mixed up causing issues cause I'm a dummy :P  I am new to the site so i hope this...
  17. TheMarbleFox

    My Next Generator Overhaul

    Hey Game Makers! Recently I released a Facial Marking Overhaul and I was thinking of the next Overhaul I could do....I need your help! After making your selection please leave a reply of what you would like to see! TheMarbleFox~~
  18. TheMarbleFox

    Facial Marking Overhaul

    Hey Game Makers! First and foremost let me wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!  Now let's get to the good stuff! Everything I've done thus far has been edits of generator parts so I'm proud to release these originals! I would like to release more overhauls in the  future for...
  19. yanovi

    1/29 Update! | Anime Generator Resources!~♪ by yanovi

    YOH (´。• ᵕ •。`)  ♪ I'm yanovi!  I'll be drawing more and updating as I go along~ ♥  Complete List | Terms of Use | Installation Instructions Download |  Contents: Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Eyebrows, Blush  Download | Contents: Winking eyes, Closed Eyes, Eyebrows, Cheek Bruise, Mouths ×3
  20. ArbitraryGuy's Generator Parts for Non-humans

    I am making generator bodies and parts for non-human actors in RPG Maker MV. TO DO LIST 1) Skeletons  2) Orcs 3) Minotaurs 4) ...? TERMS OF USE - Please credit ArbitraryGuy. - For use for non-commercial games only. - To use, you must own RPG Maker MV INSTRUCTIONS...

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