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  1. Lunara

    Ace Generator Add-on Parts(Now with Face Parts!)

    My name is Lunara, not Lunarea. I am tired of being credited inappropriately because of people’s minds automatically adding an ‘e’ in my username. Please credit me as Lunara, without an e. And now that I've gotten that out of the way, on to the rest of the post. Having a built-in generator...

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Do you have an audio you want me to animate? If so send me the youtube link and I’ll animate it.
Okay, so I'm working on Draft 2 of my game's script.
Will try to keep you guys posted, if you're interested!

This is vid of my new game, Crystalgazers. A demo is available on my Gamejolt

I just thought of the best achievement for my game: "'I Didn't Know You Were a Developer!' Find and enter one or more dev room(s)."
I made this animation to apply to a job, what do you think?

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