1. RPG Maker MV load generator endless, please need help

    Hello im verry new in this, my englisch is not best, because im usually german speaker. Im verry sorry for my bad englisch, but i hope somebody can help me. I have bought the Maker from Steam, create about two days with it, find this forum und dowloaded free content. Since that my generator does...
  2. ExitWound

    [RELEASE] Generator Part Renaming Tool

    Hello guys! I think this is my very first thread, but I come bearing gifts! I'm not sure if anybody has created this yet, but I couldn't find anything so I created a program that will automatically rename generator parts for you. WARNING: This program is BRAND NEW and on its first version. I...
  3. kaleemmcintyre

    Help with Spite and Faceset Pieces For Generator

    Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I have a weird request that I was wondering if you could help me out with? So, I got a horse character set made because I'm trying to make an anthro horse character for my game, but...I don't really know how to put it into the generator so that it will behave...
  4. jmonkey106

    Schoolgirl Outfit Face generator part for MV

    Hi, I'm looking to see if there is a School Girl Outfit generator part for MV. I am specifically talking about the stereotypical Japanese school girl outfit, the one that's white and blue. If you need me to elaborate more I can provide an image. I specifically only need a face generator part...
  5. goldrat1

    (MV) Wizard Hat Generator part, Battler + Overworld sprite

    Hey, RPGMaker Forums. I've looked everywhere for a decent looking wizards hat (floppy, pointy hat, classic) for MV, can't seem to find any. Looking for either/both Characters and Battler parts, don't need to worry about Faces. I'm fairly sure there's one in VX or Ace or something but I haven't...
  6. LyonBuster

    Is there an easy way to order the generator parts? (RPG Maker MV)

    Good afternoon I'm currently struggling against the Generator of RPG Maker MV. I want to add a bunch of free (with credit) resources I've found on the net, but these generator parts overlap the existing ones, and so they change the name in a way like this example FG_AccA_p01_c1_m013.png and...
  7. CrisR82

    Kid Generator Parts Usage Questions

    I have a question about the use rights for the Kid Generator Parts DLC - the site has two tags in particular that concern me: "Violent Content Forbidden" and "Adult Content Forbidden". While the labels are self-explanatory, they, by themselves seem far too broad to clarify where the line is...
  8. I can't find my DLC or Generator folder and plugins won't install [windows10]

    I got MV in 2017 and never got around to doing much at the time. Now that I have a better computer, I finally wanted to start using MV. the problem is that i had bought DLC but it wasn't in the game. i looked at a bunch of tutorials and have seen that there's supposed to be a Generator folder...
  9. Xyonel

    Taller battler generator(or graphic itself)

    Hi! 1. I'm looking for taller battler sprites(not in-game sprites, only battle) of course if we could work together to create a generator would be nice ( I can help with graphic) 2. I do not have sprite characters ready, so it's a work that need to be made throughout the way. 3. the style...
  10. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker MV plugin Generator for plugin developement version 0.3.0

    This extension for visual studio code allows you to generate new RPG Maker MV plugin files with just a simple command features: Create a completely filled plugin template create a blank plugin template notes: This is still a work in progress, please report any bugs so I can see if I can fix...
  11. tale

    Character Maker

    MPP_CharacterMake - 2019/06/14 (ver. 1.6) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Create characters with generator parts in game. Screenshots Note: Generator folder with parts are required. Generator folder could be found in- C:\Program Files (x86)\KADOKAWA\RPGMV C:\Program Files...
  12. Clown Makeup Request

    Resource Type: Generator parts, facial mark. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Since my project is using a lot of default assets at the moment, I'd prefer if it resembled the style of the default assets. Your original art style is welcome however. Description: (This first sentence is gonna make so...
  13. Creative Ed

    Balanced Stat Generator

    When working on large scale games with lots of characters/enemies it can be hard to keep things balanced when coming up with their stats, that's why I decided to create this tool. Balanced Stat Generator at Balanced Stat Generator is a tool that alows developers to generate stats...
  14. Lucary

    Horns like the ones Evil 7 has?

    Hi everyone! I need some horns for my characters similar to the ones that RTP Evil 7 has (aka on the bigger/bulkier side or ram/dragon horns). It would be a big plus if they were compatible with Schlangans extended character generator. I've been looking but to no avail. These assets also need to...
  15. Anyone

    [TAB] The Tall Adult Body Generator Project (V0.9 Beta released)

    UPDATE: The TAB Project is currently in the process of being transferred to Schlangan's new generator, and I'm working with K2loid in getting really tall battlers added to it. If you're interested in helping, if you have suggestions, or just want to see what's going on, feel free to check it...
  16. Bourgeoise

    Now that Mack Style Sprite generator is down, are there any other generators available?

    Decided to come back to mapping/creating as a hobby after a few years. More or less as the title states, now that the official? Mack Style Sprite generator is no longer available, is anyone aware of any alternate generators? I still prefer working...
  17. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Etika hair generator part request

    I would like to make a game dedicated to Etika with SV Actor sprites so I was wondering if anyone could make hair generator parts. Here's an example I attempted to make. The afro hair from this link may even be able to be edited...
  18. Mr_Bardo

    Modern hairstyle

    I made this new haircut style for the RPGMV generator, i hope you enjoy this. Face: SV: TV: TVD: Variation: Credits:
  19. PhxFire


    So I need to create a dwarven city/ mine in my game and for this I need lots of dwarf NPC's... Does anyone know of anywhere with a set of Dwarf generator parts? I've seen a few on this site but nothing with any complete sets, they seem to be either just for face sheets or just for sprites. Also...
  20. Generator Parts Musical Resources

    Hello, everyone I just wanna know if any of you know if there are "Musical Generator Parts" anywhere. I'll explain: I'm serching for something like a lute, a flute, a guitar, musical instruments in general, which I can use to put in the back of my characters for example. Have anyone ever done this?

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