1. Uruuha

    What other Genre interests you in a Survival Game made with RPG Maker ?

  2. Nightblade50

    Favorite music artists/genres/songs

    Hi all :) So I was wondering, what genres of music do you like? Rap, metal, classical, etc. And more specifically, favourite artists and songs, if applicable I like electronic most, with pop, rock, and rap coming up second. Deadmau5 is my favourite electronic artist and one of my favourite...
  3. Le Ruse Man

    RPG Setting Poll - What is YOUR favorite setting in an RPG?

    Hello people. Since MV came out recently, I got the itch to start another attempt at creating an RPG. So, I got curious. What setting is the most popular around? Is the all-time classic Fantasy setting still all that popular or would you like to see something a bit more original? Steampunk...
  4. Horror

    I am a user of the RPG Maker software interested in making a interactive story style of game. This discussion is on the topic of making a horror game, What do you think are features that a horror game should include? What about the RPG Maker software could lend itself to the telling of a horror...
  5. BlackRoseMii

    Famous Fantasy RM Games?

    I've noticed something some time ago and I can't get it out of my head. Outside of any RPG Maker site, the only RM Game fanarts, fanfics or anything else I see are about the Horror Games. (Yume Nikki, IB, Ao Oni etc.) But what about the Fantasy Games? Or SciFi? Where are those? RPGs are usually...

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Map is 148x98

concept: zombie slayer fest.

Lag because of outdated hardware.

Lots todo:
-Terrax lightning should have another step for the flashlight, between up down left right.
-Also Online mv from Nelderson should emit the flashlight from the other player.
-Animation needed for killing the zombie...
Before adding it to #crypchania.
Working on a case. Get all the evidence to prosecute some bad guys. :kaojoy:
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