1. what genres of games can i make using rpg maker mv

    if i ever planned to make a new game i wouldnt want to make a rpg well depending on a few factors but i have seen people make visual novels chess and so much more using this engine which makes me ask what other genre of games could you use rpg maker mv to make
  2. What genres can this program make?

    If I'm tired of the traditional sword and sorcery-type games, Can I make an RPG of different genres- space opera? Horror? Hard science fiction, that sort of thing?
  3. Keegs

    What music puts you in a mood - and which do you prefer?

    For me it's lofi, in the very beginning, as a child I didn't care for music and was getting sick of all the radio songs repeating and all the hip hop, pop stuff. My friend listened to quite a bit of vocaloid songs and I became a weeb after a bit of time, then two years pass. Discovered dubstep...
  4. 2 or more game genres in 1 game

    can anyone tell my if there's a way to mix up 2 or more different game genres in one game? Example: role playing in normal game play from the start, then as the game goes on, side scrolling shooter the next time around, for this game's story, and then back again, and repeat, or optional!
  5. immatx

    Game Setting

    How interesting is the idea of a post-apocalyptic/mystery/rpg? I was thinking of making a game in a setting where instead of being defeated in the past and now coming back to try to take over the world, an evil cult actually won and sent the country into a post-apocalyptic tailspin. The game...
  6. SoundRay

    Ray's FREE Tailored Music Workshop [non-commercial] ReOpened!

    Ray's Tailored Music Workshop Standard music themes and game-tailored soundtracks Standards Themes Status: OPEN Tailored Soundtrack Status: OPEN A few things to include in your request for standard tracks (battle themes, field/town soundtracks etc.) which will help ensure you get what you...

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