1. Padramyr

    German Translation Workshop

    Ever wished that your games could be translated into other languages? English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and a lot of people in other countries will understand (most) of your game. But what about all those people that don't speak English well enough? Don't worry, I'm here...
  2. Valryia

    Copyright insurance and German RPGMaker devs?

    Greetings, everyone. After unsuccessfully trying to inform myself about my problem, i wanted to try on these forums. Sorry if these questions were asked already, i couldn't find anything. First, is there a way to test my game - by another party - to prove that my game doesn't infringe any...
  3. RPG Maker MV Community? (German)

    Hello Dear Peoples, at first, i m sorry my english isnt so good. I want to make a german rpg maker community. is it allowed? sind hier deutsche user die schreiben möchten hier? danke euch im vorfeld. gruß shrios

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