1. Zheg

    Seasson Pass DLC 4

    So what happened with it? its been more than a year and they never released it
  2. Zheg

    Scene not defined

    Hi everyone im having a trouble with adding a scene to optionCore plugin of yanfly i want to add the monsterBook plugin of Mr. Trivel but when adding it, says Scene_MonsterBook not defined i got this when selecting the...
  3. iorn

    Let's have a discussion about Criticism!

    So basically what I wanted to talk about is Criticism....Specifically good vs bad Criticism and how both of them effect different developers along with how said developer should go about handling both types of Criticism to avoid harming their product or looking like a butt. ((Might need...
  4. Zheg

    Old Man Resource!

    Hi everyone, im here to share the old man resource that i made using Photoshop, free for use and hope you like it! To use it, just copy the Generator Folder into RPG Maker MV installation Folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV) Nothing would be overwrited, unless you...
  5. Zheg

    variable based on how many enemies still alive in battle?

    i dont know if this work $game_variables[1] = $game_troop.membersplease help  thanks

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