1. misterdovah

    RMMV Stars Walker

    STARS WALKER A Game Experiment by MisterDovah Stars Walker is a game that I made for the RTP Only Jam, as a challenge for myself to create something with few resources and in english (my native language is portuguese e it is a chance to pratice it). It's my first game in another language...
  2. KillerPixEEL

    Can anyone tweak a plugin for me?

    https://github.com/krmbn0576/RPGMakerMV-1/blob/master/PhantomEvent.js?fbclid=IwAR3AD0_JIS_3OBz9AmGAmN3TYL6SkJOlDzCv-B6MhQ6HmyM4jaKro_qnm6U PhantomEvent.js I like this plugin but I need a edited version that is pretty much a exact opposite. This plugin makes events visible as you approach them...
  3. thatfrenchyguy


    Oh man, is that a ROBOT!? BAZBOT is a pseudo SRPG made in RPG MAKER MV where you take control of four sweet robots that are really good at killing stuff. The hell is a Bazbot? A Bazbot is a robot specially designed to be possessed and manipulated by a spirit. Developed by the US government, a...
  4. nidhoggn

    Ghost Battler (Royalty Free)

    A ghost or mage, or both. Free to use (commercial too) just include in the credits: "NidhoggN"
  5. Isabella Ava

    Your scariest experience?

    Hi, want to share some scary experiences? Scary thing that you had seen, felt, sensed that chilled down your spine. Well, last night i dozed on the floor in my room, i dreamed that my sister lied beside me. She held my arm so tightly that i couldn't even move it, i tried to look at her face but...
  6. Albaharu

    Talking to a NPC that has the "Through" option

    Hello! I was making an NPC that walks around and goes through all, like a ghost, but if I activate that option and my player wants to talk to the ghost, the player will have to be OVER the NPC, instead of talking one to one. It's possible to make an NPC event with the through option but that...
  7. ActualAwesome.MAKER

    Could this game actually be possible, and how?

    I'm trying to make a game where the main character dies, and uses the powers of possession to murder his killer and get back to heaven. Could this work? How could I make this possible? Please help. This might take a while to make.
  8. ovate

    MPP_VanishState (Translucent Effect)

    MPP_VanishState - 2016/06/19 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview You can create a state that makes a battler translucent during battle. Feature - Battler can appear ghosty. Screen Author's Notes ● Weapons, state effects, etc. will not become translucent. Credit and Thanks...
  9. com_sho

    Splatter HORROR HOUSE [@ _@]

    This house is notable as the site of a the cruel murder...... Own legal cop(ies) of RMMV Only to be used in RPGmaker games. free for use with both free and commercial RPG Maker games character Ghost
  10. KanaX

    Weeaboo Stuff

    I'm making some Japanese themed sprites for a guy and I said to myself "Hell, it's my work I'm gonna do whatever I want with it." So here it is. Doll/Little Girl in Kimono This little pretty thang is a 39 pixel tall mass of cuteness/creepyness. She even has her arms up, hoping to embrace/gut...
  11. Fading ghosts

    Hey guys, so me and my friends just ran into a problem... we wanted to make a ghost npc to be present in a map, then you step on the event tile, the ghost talks for a while then walks a bit and FADES away (many people just answer at disappearing imediatly, not what we are looking for). The...

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Haven't been on here actively in awhile, project is going strong my biggest issue is the STORY, i'm refining the plot and learning so much i decided to take a writers class to improve even more but the programming and functionality of the game is stepping up nicely!
Hi everyone! Here's what I'm working on today! It's one of the dorms on campus. I know I said I wouldn't use assets but I reused a few things from the cafeteria hehe.
I added a little squish effect when characters change direction to try and make things a bit more lively. Though it's a bit hard to see on the fast moving guys.
I just discovered this game exists; the premise itself is ****ing hilarious. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/kill-it-with-fire
Can't wait for next update! :)

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