1. dreamfall887

    RMVXA Escape The Haunted Forest! [One Map Challenge]

    SYNOPSIS CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS CREDITS DOWNLOAD LINK ♡ FANART♡ Thank you so much to these users for their amazing fanart! :kaoluv: **Update 1** Fixed some bugs and typos. Thank you everyone for your feedback. :) **Update 2** Game is now available to download on Itch.io...
  2. KingKraken

    RMMV Dead Function

    This was a game I started in February as soon as Covid shut everything down! It was meant to be an extremely bare bones and simple game as a means to have something finished under my belt, but I ended up fleshing it out more than intended! It's still retains simplicity but now resembles more of...
  3. standardplayer

    Do You Believe In Spooky/Supernatural Stuff?

    I searched the forum, sure that something like this probably exists already. But just like paranormal stuff, I couldn't seem to come up with any evidence :D So how about it. Do you believe in the paranormal? Let's leave aliens out of it. Just talk about the classics, ghosts, spirits, demons...
  4. hiromu656

    RMVXA Digital Chain

    DIGITAL CHAIN is a short, mystery visual novel about 3 kids who explore a haunted school. The game focuses on a supposed 'Haunted School' and an Incident that occurred there in the past. Using Key Words that you learn through dialogue, you move the story along at your own pace. The game is a...
  5. hiromu656

    Spirit Host

    Spirit Host   Initially an entry (and winner! :D ) for Game In a Week 13 over at RMRK ( http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=49365.0 ) titled Spirit Summoner Girl, Spirit Host is an Adventure RPG about ghosts and their dark worlds. After numerous changes, I'm finally confident with the direction of...
  6. Tornado Samurai

    FATAL FRAME: Discussion Manor

    FATAL FRAME DISCUSSION MANOR   Fatal Frame is a series of survival horror games where you are placed in an eerie, abandoned Japanese location, armed with you only a flashlight, your witsand a camera that can expose and expel ghosts. Fatal Frame has developed four sequels, with a spin-off game...
  7. GrandmaDeb

    Ghostly Actors and Chars

    from very early on, edits of the RTP were made to look like ghostly figures. The open source game, Lost Heaven featured them, among others. However in the mists of time (lots and lots of time), I have lost track of who originally came up with the concept and posted the sprites. Since...
  8. Alexander Amnell

    Unexplained Occurrences

       So earlier today someone posted a status update about phobias in general. At one point on this update someone else posted about a fear of the paranormal and shared a personal experience about it, to which a bunch of people (myself and the OP included) hijacked said status update to share our...

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